Delhi life and the role of dentists

Posted by krishna on August 11th, 2014

Delhi is the cultural heritage of India and is also a tourist hub. People from all over the world come to visit Delhi- the second most populated city in India. With a population of about 16 million, Delhi is one of the fastest growing cities of the world.

But if you live or have ever been to Delhi, you can notice the living standards of the majority of population by just taking a stroll on the streets or halting at a traffic signal. A rise in population has not been met with an increase in employment or educational opportunity, resulting in a lot of people residing in slums or even on roads. With unsanitary living conditions, Delhiites fall prey to a horde of diseases.

State of oral health in Delhi

Alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and eating junk food are common sights at any and every place in Delhi. Burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and pastas can be found in every corner of the city and have become a part of our daily meals. Though having fast food is like a trip to Disneyland for our taste buds, it isn’t helping our teeth all that much. Junk food is a major cause of tooth decay. The foods that have caused obesity are behind tooth decay as well.

Stress and lack of time have led to an alteration in our lifestyle and our eating habits that our bodies aren’t taking it so well. Our oral health in particular, has seen a grave downfall with dental decays and tooth problems becoming a common problem.

About 70% of Indians under the age of 15 are facing gum problems and 92% of students are facing dental decay. Majority of children have bad breath, teeth that need cleaning or irregular teeth that need to be straightened and aligned. Apart from brushing and flossing our teeth regularly, dentists in Delhi play a pivotal role in keeping our teeth and gums healthy.

Booking appointments online

But how do you find a dentist? Delhi is the world’s fifth worst place for commuters. With traffic jams being a common sight, 36% of the population feels that improved public transport would help. But well, we have no time to wait for those now, do we? So let’s search for some alternate solution!

Have you heard about booking appointments online? Our dentists are keeping up with our tech-savvy generation, in the sense that they have gone digital too. Dentists in Delhi have taken to various online portals that allow patients to book appointments online, saving all the time they waste at the clinic reception or waiting in lines outside the clinic.

Be it in Greater Kailash, Chattarpur, Shalimar Bagh or Dwarka, dentists from all over Delhi have assumed an important role in the lives of people. And now, with an even wider reach through online portals, they will be able to help a greater number of people. All that patients need to do is use this facility to the fullest and book appointments online to make dental check-ups an even smoother process.


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