Mumbai and its superheroes in General Physicians

Posted by krishna on August 12th, 2014

Mumbai, the heart of Bollywood, is the most populated city in India with 20 million people residing there. With 54% of Mumbai living in slums, it’s not hard to imagine the living conditions of people. Life in slums calls for unsanitary living conditions, improper disposal of garbage and unsafe sewage disposal which not only affect the people living there, but also the ones living around.

Living in Mumbai

Diseases like malaria, dengue, diarrhea, typhoid, hypertension, tuberculosis and diabetes have become common in this fourth most populated city of the world. And it’s not just the diseases that we have to worry about. Travelling on Mumbai roads is a task in itself. The roads are filled with vehicles and traffic jams have become a part of everyone’s daily commute.

But what about when you are unwell? Are you still willing to be patient enough to face the traffic to reach the doctor’s clinic and thereafter wait there for your turn? Wouldn’t it be easier to know the exact time that you need to reach for your doctor’s visit? Our doctors have gone digital too by introducing the option of booking online appointments thus making the task of visiting a doctor a cakewalk.

Importance of a general physician

With decreasing physical activity and improper care for our health, illnesses have been increasing gradually. Fever, cold, body ache and the like, have become a common occurrence. People keep a stock of medicines at their homes. But what to do when you can’t diagnose the problem yourself?

While every sneeze may not be a result of an allergic reaction, gargles may not be the only solution for a throat infection. At one point or another, we have to quit diagnosing ourselves and switch to a healthcare expert’s advice.

That’s where general physicians come in. And in a city with a population of over 20 million, general physicians become even more important. Who would you go to with a sore throat? Or for that matter, any illness or injury! It is the physicians that diagnose and treat our acute or chronic illnesses. Not only do they provide preventive care but also health education to patients.

So we can say that Mumbai cannot do without general physicians. But you won’t just run to a neurologist for a minor headache now, would you.

And will it not be just perfect if you could book an appointment from the comfort of your home and visit the doctor at the exact time when he will see you?

Booking appointments online

Our doctors have taken to the digital age as well. And why shouldn’t they! It saves a lot of time. There are various online portals where doctors can sign themselves up in order to enable patients to book an appointment with them online. It makes the life of patients simpler reduces patient dissatisfaction. This provides a certain ease to the doctor as well, to not see a horde of patients waiting outside his clinic. So doctors and patients alike, must switch to online appointment booking for a satisfactory and smooth process.


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