Lybrate and its role with dentists in Mumbai

Posted by krishna on August 12th, 2014

Mumbai, the land of 20 million people, is the most populated city in India. Also known as the heart of Bollywood, and home to the Gateway of India, this city is a beautiful and historic place. With a large part of its population living in chawls, the population of Mumbai is subjected to unhealthy living conditions, and improper waste disposal.

State of oral hygiene

The state of oral hygiene is going down by the minute. Around 70% of children under the age of 15, in India, suffer from gum problems. A survey by the Indian Dental Association points out that 92% of students face dental decay. With an increase in the consumption of junk food across ages, dental health is worsening. Stress has led to a noticeable increase in smokers and tobacco consumers. More so, majority of kids have bad breath, irregular teeth that need to be straightened or teeth that need cleaning.

This needs immediate attention of all. Apart from having fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables, visiting one’s dentist frequently has become important. But doesn’t it make you feel lazy? Even thinking about going to the dentists in Mumbai where roads are jam packed with traffic can give you a headache. And you aren’t even sure if the doctor will be available or not. Our doctors have taken up the digital route to bring you a solution for this.

Role of Lybrate

Lybrate is an intuitive doctor discovery guide enabling patients to book appointment online. Patients can find a doctor of any specialization near their home using Lybrate. They can view the doctor’s background, experience and even consultation fees and make an informed decision.

For doctors, it provides patient-management software to help doctors organize their calendar. The innovative platform aims to improve the doctor-patient relationship by reducing no shows and increasing patient satisfaction fivefold. It is easy to use, provides great service, charges a minimal sign-up amount and enables doctors to manage appointments, send SMS to patients for appointment reminders and maintain an easy follow-up. It has also launched an App through which doctors can manage patients on-the-go.

Many dentists in Mumbai have signed up with Lybrate, thus, enabling patients to book appointments online and saving a lot of time for both the parties. Lybrate also lets doctors and patients recommend the doctors that they feel are good. This helps others in deciding which doctor they’d choose to consult for their treatment.

A horde of locations to choose from

Lybrate gives you the option of choosing the dentist in your preferred locality. Be it in Borivali, Malad, Bhayandar or Ghatkopar, you can find a dentist anywhere and everywhere in Mumbai. With as many as 35 recommendations and an experience of as much as 34 years, Lybrate is the online portal you want to choose your dentist from.

So don’t sit back and wait for a tooth ache to act as an eye opener. Instead, book an appointment with a Mumbai dentist of your choice, here at Lybrate, and get a dental check-up to be on the safer side. Frequent dental check-ups are a must and we shouldn’t refrain from them. Also, healthy teeth imbibe confidence to sport a healthy smile.

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