Physicians and their role in Chennai

Posted by krishna on August 12th, 2014

Chennai, the fourth largest city of India, is the biggest industrial and commercial center in South India. With a population of 6.4 million, it has been ranked among the fifty most populous cities of the world. Talking about its healthcare, Chennai was ranked first in India in health facilities by Outlook in 2003. But there are other factors to put into consideration too.

Living in Chennai

Life in Chennai can be hectic and frustrating at times. Chennai has the highest two wheeler population in India. Not to mention the presence of over 20 lakh vehicles on Chennai roads, that makes it even more difficult to get from one place to another. Wouldn’t we take a sigh of relief if something was done to make our lives a little bit easier? Wouldn’t it be better if time was saved on our frequent trips to the doctor? Yes, that’s right- ‘Frequent trips’. The health status of Chennai isn’t as good as one may think.

About 32% of poor households of Chennai live in slum areas in an unhealthy environment. With a 28% infant mortality rate and a 35% under-five mortality rate, and 39% of women being overweight, a lot more care has to be given for the health of the population. Also, 43% of poor children are underweight while 89% of poor households have anaemic children. All these statistics point to our need of physicians in Chennai.

Need for physicians in Chennai

A physician is the first person we go to when we have an ailment or an injury to tend. It is the physicians that diagnose and treat our illnesses and injuries. General physicians walk their patients through diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare and have become a must for the people of Chennai.

Now, let’s face it, we can’t keep diagnosing ourselves all the time, because fever doesn’t always mean viral and stomach ache isn’t always due to indigestion. At some point, we need to stop and take an expert advice. So there is a need for a specialist to diagnose our illnesses. But you won’t directly run to a cardiologist for a chest pain now, would you?

That is where physicians come into the picture, to diagnose the illness properly and guide us to the right specialist. And wouldn’t it be just amazing if we know when and at what time the doctor will be available for us?

Booking appointments online

Considering many factors, booking appointments online does provide a certain relief to the patient. Going to the doctor for an ailment does not sound as big as the cumbersome task of travelling on Chennai roads and waiting for hours at the clinic. But now we can be relieved of waiting outside the doctor’s clinic for our turn.

Physicians of Chennai have signed themselves up on various online portals that allow their patients to check the doctor’s schedule and make appointments accordingly. This is not just a relief to the patient but to the doctor as well who usually has a swarm of patients waiting for him in his clinic. So we should all prefer making an online appointment to make the process easier for doctors and patients alike.

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