How are Mobile Apps Creating New Opportunities Within HR Technology?

Posted by Jason camaya on January 15th, 2021

HR, or the Human Resources Department, is central to every organization in the world today. From recruiting and appraisals to addressing the day to day concerns of employees, the HR department takes care of virtually every aspect, and managing the daily tasks associated with it isn't as easy. 

In fact, the workload in HR departments is so high that there are often delays in the completion of the simplest of tasks. So the question is, how to make HR departments more efficient? 

Well, with the surge in digital technology in business over the years, technology has paved the way for smart solutions within the organizations, and thanks to this surge, gaining efficiency in HR departments is now possible. 

Taking an example of mobile apps only, for instance, today the deployment of smartphone applications within organizations is the third highest in HR departments, only behind marketing and field services. Have a look. 


So if you're part of the HR department in any organization and wondering what mobile apps provide, here's our take on the new opportunities that mobile apps can create within the HR technology. 

Ways in Which Mobile Apps are Creating New Opportunities Within the HR Technology

Have a look at the opportunities that smartphone apps are creating within HR Technology.

1. Enhanced Management of Payroll

Payroll management is considered one of the most difficult tasks in HR today. It is a process that is time taking and often leads to delays. As employees apply for leaves, the HR department has to take due note of the leaves taken and finalize the salaries accordingly keeping all the deductions in mind. 

However, whereas traditional management systems require the HR executives to sit down in front of a computer and complete the process, mobile apps can improve payroll management to a great extent by easing the tracking and monitoring of data required for payroll. 

Here's an example of it. 

There are various timesheets management apps available today that help HR departments cut down the time significantly in going through the employee working hours. Designed specially to ease the process, these apps track and monitor all the data that is needed to process the payroll and eliminate the manual work that goes into it. 

Likewise, the respective managers can then access the data through the same app and approve it without much hassle. Companies can either make use of some existing apps on the app stores or hire remote mobile app developer to get their own app developed as per their HR requirements.

2. Better Communication Within the Organization

Not only does the HR department take care of the payroll but also the information that is passed on to the employees. Whether it's a change in some policy or a new notice that is being rolled out within the organization on an urgent basis, the department is responsible for passing all the relevant messages with efficiency to every employee. 

However, communicating an urgent notice through an email can be a major headache, especially in large organizations where the employee strength is much higher, and sending bulk emails is not possible. Hence, mobile apps have a major role to play here. 

By using a smartphone application, the HR department can simply provide an urgent update in the form of a notification or alert. This alert can simply be read by every employee through the app and takes only a few minutes to spread amongst all the staff, eventually saving an immense amount of time. 

In fact, as per a survey conducted in 2019 by MIOof more than 200 IT managers and admins, slack is the most widely used app today in an organization with 65% votes while Skype for business stands as the second most widely used app. Have a look.  


3. Ease of Handling the Data

Employee engagement is something that companies lay immense stress on nowadays. Every minor detail like an employee's birthday or completion of a year in the organization matters a lot in keeping the staff satisfied. 

However, HR departments often fail to get this data on time and that leads to delays in birthday wishes and perks. The reason behind this is simple to understand. Due to poor management of data, the information that is supposed to reach today gets passed on tomorrow, eventually hampering employee engagement. 

But here's a thing, with the help of mobile apps, all the minor and major data can be stored in one place and accessed without much hassle. This then eventually allows HR departments to access data on the go and keep employee engagement at a satisfactory level. 

4. Sorting and Shortlisting of Candidates

Hiring in any organization is the sole work of the HR department. However, when there's a case of hiring for multiple positions, sorting and shortlisting of candidates from a large bunch of applications according to diverse job profiles becomes a problematic thing for the HR department. It is not only a hassle for candidates, but also for the HR department as tracking of each application becomes a difficult task. Besides, here’s a fact for you. 


Hence, the need for mobile apps increases all the more. There are diverse HR apps today that not only allow hassle-free tracking of different candidatures but also help the HRs sort each application from a large bunch according to the right profile. 

5. Re-Defining of HR Department 

Just like any other department in a company, the HR too needs to evolve from time to time. Practices like the adaptation of HR technology to the latest workforce, bringing enhancements in the payroll processes, or redefining the HR system all together should be a constant process. This can not only help the HR department evolve, but can also strengthen the organization as a whole. 

Hence, with the help of analytics received from mobile apps, the re-defining of the HR department can be done with ease. By storing all the data in one place and making it available quickly can further enhance the decision-making process, eventually bringing in major advancements in the overall functionality of the HR department. 

Closing Thoughts

As technology continues to evolve and digitized solutions gain fame, mobile apps have a major role to play in shaping and easing businesses around the world. Speaking of HR alone, it is easily the most crucial department which is central to an organization and manages most of the workload. 

Hence, the deployment of innovative mobile apps in HR technology can be a breakthrough solution, not just for the department, but also for the whole company. From hiring and analytics to communication and payroll, mobile apps have all the answers to the complex issues of HR today. 

So if you like this article on how mobile apps are creating new opportunities in HR technology, feel free to share your thoughts with us or head over and connect with us through our social media handles. 

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