8 Best Places to Visit in Russia

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The largest country globally, Russia, holds a thousand years old history and has the most beautiful cities and landscapes. And they are not just the usual cities; Moscow and St. Petersburg are known as some of the most visited destinations by holidaymakers. Explore Russia's stunning nooks and corners and fly using Air Canada booking options to have the best flying experience. 

Let's begin the list of the best places to visit in Russia!


The capital of Russia fascinates with any climate. The cold makes the buildings' colors even brighter, but above all, the summer heat allows walking inside the parks or along the Moskva River. Moscow is also one of the most important cultural centers, home to writers, musicians, and directors. It is famous for its ballet and art collections and has also been the most important Orthodox center. 

St. Petersburg

Another cultured, refined, romantic city. A riot of beauty, art, and creativity. From St. Isaac's Cathedral to the Winter Palace, which houses the famous Hermitage, one of the world's most prestigious museum complexes. St. Petersburg is magic and condenses into the main artery "Nevsky Prospekt," a street of over 4.5 kilometers surrounded by historic buildings, churches, theaters, and shops. A lively and sparkling place, day and night. You can also range from historic cafes to illustrious libraries, such as the Russian National one.

Baikal Lake

A natural pearl that has a 25 million year history. It is the oldest and deepest lake (1642 meters) and represents the largest by volume. And to think that from May to November, it is a frozen show. To admire this natural beauty, you have to go to the wild Siberia. You will find yourself facing a crystal clear lake surrounded by mountains, forests, and rushing rivers. It will be possible to be pulled by the Siberian huskies or walk on the lake's frozen surface, perhaps play golf, take a ride in an airboat or relax in the colorful wooden houses. 

The Trans-Siberian

The name is enough to evoke a magical itinerary, a route of over 9,000 kilometers from Moscow to Beijing along the Tsar railway. Even though this journey and its setting have now had to leave room for contamination and modernity, it still represents a unique experience. The railway was commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II and was built in less than 15 years thanks to over 90,000 men, mainly deportees. The inauguration was carried out in 1887 in Vladivostok and at the same time also in Moscow. In 1891 the work was presented to the Universal Exhibition of Paris. Until then, the journey would have lasted three months.


Around the Black Sea rises Sochi, a fascinating city made up of four districts. It became prevalent after the 2014 Winter Olympics. One of the most popular communities is Adler, where you can admire the Church of the Holy Spirit and that of the Holy Trinity. The first expressed the typical Russian style and underwent a significant makeover in 1947. The second building impresses with its domes. On the other hand, Grande Sochi is a district that has managed to maintain a balance between nature and architecture. 


It is the fourth largest city in the country by a number of inhabitants. It is located in the Ural Mountains' entire territory, the natural border between Europe and Asia. It is a significant center for transport and the steel industry. One of the most popular places is the Vajner pedestrian street: here, you will find bars, shops, cafes, benches, and even several bronze sculptures, ideal for taking a photo. There are at least thirty cultural attractions in the center, while there are more than fifty museums.


Kaliningrad is fascinating, mysterious, with almost 1000 years of history behind it. Kaliningrad is a small enclave between Poland, Lithuania, and the waters of the Baltic Sea. The historic center is reassuring and houses buildings that know how to alternate neo-Gothic and Gothic styles, as well as squared complexes from the Soviet era. The city, which was utterly destroyed during the Second World War, was able to rise and transform itself. 


Its name means "City that dominates East" Vladivostok overlooks the Pacific Ocean and acts as a commercial outpost in the country's extreme east. It is the terminus of the Trans-Siberian.  Vast blocks of flats replaced the nineteenth-century architecture during the communist era, but several treasures remain kept inside the museums. Among the most interesting are the Regional Historical Museum, Submarine Museum, and the Fortress Museum that illustrates its military origins. 

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