Longhaired Cat Breeds - Some of the Most Stunning Felines Available

Posted by Dyer Golden on January 15th, 2021

There are few those who will believe that long-haired cat breeds are some of the most breathtaking felines on the globe. Even someone with allergies or who is not necessarily a cat person can appreciate the sophisticated elegance that the long, shiny, silky coat will offer. If you are looking to include one of these simple stunning creatures for a family, underneath are some popular favorites as well as a few rare varieties you could be considering. Persian Nearly most people are acquainted with this breed which has been around since way back when. With their round heads, full cheeks and snub noses, they're quite easy to acknowledge. These are muscular, medium to large-sized cats with fluffy, luxurious coats. Due to their gentle personality, they prefer quieter homes and they want to stay near the ground. You will rarely find a Persian in your kitchen counter! Turkish Angora You are not likely to your investment first time that you just go to a Turkish Angora; they are cats that can take your breath away. This breed was initially referenced in the 16th century in France. They are often referred to as the ballerina of cats and with their elegant and slender bodies, pointed ears, flowing tails and silky hair, it's easy to see why. Despite its delicate appearance, this is a cat that loves to play which is extremely acrobatic. Selkirk Rex This is really a new breed, originating in 1987 in Montana. It's a medium to large with a toned body, large round eyes and tousled hair that makes the look nearly the same as woolly sheep. The Selkirk Rex is loving, laid back and loves to cuddle. Ragdoll Developed in 1960 in California by Ann Baker, the Ragdoll is among the largest of all cat breeds. They have sturdy, long bodies, a silky texture coat and they also actually don't shed much except early in the year and fall. This blue-eyed breed is friendly, relaxed, quiet and similar to their name implies, each goes limp being a doll once you hold them. Cat shows of Burma features a stocky build as well as a thick coat that rarely gets matted. Its front paws have white gloves as the back ones wear a lace pattern. Their ears are wide, eyes are large and tail is muscular. This can be a talkative, active breed that thrives on attention. American Curl Native to America, this medium-sized cat is easily recognized by its happy expression and ears that curl out then backwards. They have a minimal undercoat so grooming is often a breeze! Interestingly, they are born with straight ears that don't curl until they may be about 16 weeks old. These cats are fabulous companions, they may be friendly, intelligent, curious and obtain as well as children and also other pets. Maine Coon There are numerous legends that surround this ancient breed. They have a heavy, water-resistant coat plus a very bushy tail. This breed will come in a range of colors, patterns and eye-color. These are affectionate, social breeds but this can overly independent nature, these are rarely considered a lap cat. Norwegian Forest These are large, muscular cats which can be considerably faster and agile compared to what you could expect depending on appearance. Their coat is dense, eyes are almond-shaped and expressive and tail is flowing and long. This is amongst the most mild-mannered, resourceful and intelligent of long-haired cat breeds this means you will easily adapt to its environment.

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