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Posted by Jenelle on January 15th, 2021

1924: Davis vs Coolidge

President Harding first presented the concept of speaking to the public on the radio in 1921 however it was not until the 1924 presidential election that it was truly utilised. By this time millions of Americans had receiving sets in their living rooms and they were all anticipating to hear what the candidates had to state. Such a big significance was put on this brand-new technology that Coolidge and Davis were in fact made to being in a glass cubicle on-stage, in-front of 16,000 people, and informed to avoid their usual pacing backward and forward, to ensure that the microphone would pick up everything they said.

Across the country schools were closed so that students might listen and individuals huddled around radios in department stores and in the house. Sales of getting sets hit a record high and 'Nation' publication printed that "1924 would be reflected on as the radio year". For the very first time the American citizens had the ability to listen in on a governmental election, thanks to this brand-new innovation.

1960: Nixon vs Kennedy

The very first televised governmental dispute was broadcast on Sep 26th 1960 and it was an event that altered the face of United States politics permanently. At that time Kennedy was a relatively unidentified senator that had actually the odds stacked against him. The debate lasted one hour and by the end of it the majority of those who eavesdroped on the radio were positive of Nixon's triumph. Nevertheless, the 88% of Americans who saw it on TELEVISION were witness to a totally various image - among Nixon looking frail and weak from a current operation, in addition to sweating and looking very anxious. In contrast, Kennedy looked calm, positive and strong and there was no doubt that, for those who had actually seen it with their own eyes, he had won. Kennedy would later on reference the importance of this technology by saying "it was the TV more than anything else that turned the tide.

2012: Obama vs Romney

The photo of President Obama hugging his other half has actually ended up being the most re-tweeted post in the history of Twitter and this is a fitting nod to the huge part that this site has had to play in the current United States Election. The truth that it was posted before Obama even required to the phase to thank his fans face to face highlights how important this social networks platform was to his project. At one point on the election night, users tweeted at a rate of 327,452 per minute.

Facebook was likewise used to its full capacity by both prospects with the fan pages and member-to-member interactions along with more original and exciting ideas such as an 'I Voted' button at the top of news feeds, that is accountable for an estimated third of a million extra people voting alone.

It has been 15 years considering that sports politics landed the Springboks the Ellis We Trophy, the World Cup of Rugby under the most challenging of situations. Sports politics was the last thing on anybody's mind.

It proved that there is a part for sports to play in the complex world of political distinctions, make every effort and has a hard time in our contemporary societies. This kind of sports https://rotherhamandbarnsleylibdems.org.uk/about-us/ politics has a lot of potential for us to explore.

There are those that argue that sports and politics do not mix. They claim that there is no such thing as sports politics. If we look deeper at sports and politics, both are essentially battles of a various kind.

If just humanity can fix their differences by sports politics on the football field rather than the fight field. If just, Hitler tries to prove his racial supremacy in sports field instead of in the death camps of Auschwitz. If only, the soldiers of this world are more eager to don their jerseys than their fight gear. If just political leaders can let a video game choose the fate of nations, instead of mobilize for war. Life in the world would be more meaningful, unified and tranquil with sports politics. Individuals can than set about their tasks without worry of their race, color, religions or birth rights. Yes, there is space for us people to evoke this spirit of sports politics to fix our world's issues.

Why are we so eager still to bear arms and risk death. I think that in this contemporary world of weapons of mass damage, we need to seriously think about using other methods like sports politics to resolve our distinctions and build a better world. If we don't and continue to resort to war and violence, there will be not much of a place for us to call home.

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