Should you Opt for a Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Setup?

Posted by Shrikant Sharma on January 15th, 2021

Should you be going for the Tesla Powerwall home battery setup? The Tesla Powerwall 2 installation cost is expected to be quite reasonable if you go with Online Air and Solar for this purpose. You can be part of an emerging revolution in energy usage by choosing the Tesla Powerwall installation facility from Online Air and Solar, Melbourne’s leading company in this space. Powerwall will be storing energy continually for powering the entire home in a sustainable manner throughout both the daytime and even at night. The best part is that the Tesla Powerwall is the most competitively priced and hugely affordable battery for the home by way of the cost on a per kWh basis. You can use solar power and the Powerwall for lowering your overall dependence on the power grid while enabling a home that goes completely off the grid, i.e. becomes a zero emission household in the near future.

You can readily use the Tesla Powerwall home battery for safeguarding your house from any power outage courtesy a reliable and seamless source of power backup as well. You can automatically and easily manage your Tesla Powerwall with the dedicated Tesla app provided for this purpose. You can also allocate a specific percentage of the Powerwall for safeguarding your home in case of any major power outage and also extending hours of energy backup. The specifications and features of the Tesla Powerwall are numerous to say the least.

Overall energy capacity of the Tesla Powerwall home battery stands at 13.5 kWh with 100% depth of discharge along with 90% round trip efficiency. Peak power is 7 kW while average power is 5 kW continuously. There is pure sine wave output along with wall mounted or floor installation. You can install up to 10 Tesla Powerwall units outdoors or indoors alike. There is complete dust and water resistance while the product adheres to global and U.S. safety standards including the global EMI standards as well. It also comes with a warranty of 10 years for greater peace of mind.

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