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Posted by Aaeesha on August 13th, 2014

Unified communications solutions provide real time solution for communication services. It is a set of product that provides unified user-interface and across multiple devices and media types. It helps the user to send messages over one medium and receive the same on another medium. For example, it allows you to check your voice mail on your cell phones or access it through the mail. It is an evolving set of technology that integrates human and device communication in a common context and experience. It optimizes lengthy business processes by reducing media dependency and eliminating the need for a device. Hence it automatically becomes an important solution for emergency communications.

Unified communications solutions are often mistaken to be same as unified messaging. The difference between the two is, the former consists of both real and non-real time delivery of communications while the later accumulates information from various resources to be retrieved at a later time. The solutions are a sum total of various user-friendly components like instant messaging, unified messaging, mobility, call control, conferencing and more. This leaves in hand more time for real time business. They help in delivering the right experiences to the right end.

Maintaining consistent experience with any device is now an easy task with unified communications solutions. Helps in increasing your business results, team productivity and reduces the overhead costs. It also provides you a competitive advantage and helps in facing the dynamic challenges of the business environment. In general, the goal of this communication solution is to break any communication barrier so that people can communicate with anyone at any time with ease. Though, implementing unified communications requires serious planning and well drafted strategies.

Unified communications solutions offer fastest transactions and allow flexible decisions to organizations, and are applicable to businesses of all sizes. Now you can improve employee productivity by increasing their efficiency and independence by allowing them to access information on any device and conduct business anywhere with flexibility. This helps in facilitating fast- decision making in any organization and gets you business even if your customers are in one place and your business at the other end. You save both on time and money. The present system is compatible with existing social networks and online communities. You can also now simplify your voice systems to reduce costs and simplify the maintenance routine. Reliability and scalability are what the system promises to the end user. Go beyond the traditional arena and connect with your B2B and B2C business collaboration. And work with your colleagues outside the office the same way you do with the office premises. It ensures a high level of network performance, thereby enriching end-user experience.

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