Asterisk Predictive Dialer Manages All Your Calls

Posted by Aaeesha on August 13th, 2014

The latest predictive dialer technology has come out to be a great help for a number of companies. They help you in making bulk calls, and that too very effectively. They are cheap enough, and can handle all your outgoing calls really well. You can easily get an open source predictive dialer and set it up to start on your calling mission. Technology has become really advanced, and this has paved new ways of improvement in this field also. You have advanced computer systems and internet connections with high speed to facilitate calling. VoIP helps you make voice calls over the internet at really cheap rates. As such, they have become much more cost effective than the usual telephone systems.

An open source predictive dialer requires just your normal desktop computer, along with a few special equipments to facilitate calling, like modems and voice boards. They offer additional features like transferring calls, checking out the call duration, and so on. These are features that your traditional telephone systems cannot usually offer. After you set up your system, you can give in a list of telephone numbers to be called. The software is responsible for making all your calls. It calls the numbers in the list one by one.

Since there are a number of agents working together, the software divides the work among all of them. The time spent between conversations is also minimized to a great extent. This enhances productivity, and makes sure there is no delay. It also uses enhanced algorithms to avoid unanswered calls and call drops. As such, the agents are always busy with work. The Asterisk Predictive Dialer offers you the best features in the market. Both Open Source Predictive Dialer and Asterisk Predictive Dialer greatly help the telemarketing industry.

Asterisk Predictive Dialer provides a wide range of additional features as well. Besides predictive dialing, this dialer also takes care of call monitoring, call recording, call transfer and waiting, caller ID blocking, database access, interactive voice response or IVR, music on transfer and on hold, text to speech, voicemail, and the list just goes on. The computer and telephone system are effectively integrated to function as a single unit. The TCP/IP management interface, outbound call spoofing, and graphical call manager are additional facilities offered. They also accept incoming calls. As for these inbound calls, they make sure queuing is kept to a minimum. No customer is made to wait for really long times. Customer satisfaction is taken utmost care of. Asterisk gives you a complete solution to manage all your calls. Your call center becomes complete once you install this.

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