IP PBX Systems Make Your Work Really Easy and Effective

Posted by Aaeesha on August 13th, 2014

A company, no matter small or huge, requires constant communication internally as well as externally. All the different departments need to be in touch constantly for work to be fast and effective. There are bound to be discussions and transfer of information to carry out the proper flow of work in a business. In such cases, having a telephone connection for every employee or a connection in every department is not practical. You have a huge number of workers and departments, which makes this idea impractical and too expensive. A feasible solution is offered by the use of a telephone PBX system. It takes care of all the communication within your company, and also helps you contact the external world.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. In this system, you have a central telephone exchange, which acts as the server. All the different connections are all connected to this central server. The different nodes have their own extension codes for identification. The telephone number is just one for the whole company. The call is received at the reception, who redirects the call to the required department by using the appropriate extension number. This is the basic functioning of a telephone PBX system. This makes it much easier to manage calls. Calls can be made between the various departments also, by using the extension number. Calls within the company are totally free. Hence, this is a very cost effective remedy to solve your call management issues.

Telephone PBX system were very familiar and usually find in all companies including the medium sized and large sized companies. Usual PBX systems make use of the usual telephone lines. IP PBX systems are trending these days. These systems use Voice over IP (VoIP) or the internet to make calls. They are even cheaper than the usual telephone lines. Moreover, the facilities offered by these systems make it a very valuable asset for every company. All round management of calls is done by these systems. With the internet offering a wide range of opportunities, using this system offers you a number of additional facilities and options to make your work easier.

IP PBX systems offer the facility of converging voice as well as data transfer. This means that you can talk over the telephone lines, and even use the internet at the same time. These two features are merged into one. It is done using just a single line of communication. Another exciting feature is that these systems offer the addition of unlimited nodes to the system, unlike the traditional PBX systems. There is no limitation to the number of connections you can take from it. To get started with using the system, all you need is your PC hardware. Special embedded system software is available, that further help you in reducing cost and maximizing efficiency.

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