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1.Brands -(Advertisers/ Merchants)

Companies that sell a product or accommodation. Industries include retail, direct-to-consumer, subscription accommodations, financial accommodations, peregrinate, telecom, broadband, gaming, e-commerce, emporia, B2B, and more.

2.Affiliates- (Publishers, Partners)

These are the person that collaborate with companies and promote the product. They can be bloggers, social media platforms, niche content sites, personal website owners, product review websites, shopping sites, mobile apps, app-to-app marketing platforms, mass media sites, staunchness, coupon and reward websites, and other brands.

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3.Affiliate Networks

Affiliate programs typically handle all types of tracking, reporting, and payment to affiliates. In integration to providing tracking technology, some affiliate networks withal provide full-accommodation management or self-accommodation management of a program. Affiliate networks are very huge and it gives access to the entire network of affiliates who wants to apply the network, which additionally gives these affiliates access to hundreds, even thousands, of affiliate programs.


4.Software as an Accommodation Platforms

In an affiliate marketing program, SaaS platforms additionally provide companies with performance tracking, reporting, and payment, however, they do not manage affiliate programs or provide companies with access to a network of affiliates. Their focus is just on the technological aspects of an affiliate program.


5. Agencies (visually perceive Affiliate Program Management below)

The agencies have the capability to manage the operations, and strategy of a program on behalf of brands, including partner relationships, partner recruiting, activation, and optimization. They work directly with affiliates and with the affiliate network or SaaS platform those accommodates the technological desiderata of the program.

6. Customers or consumers

The audience that affiliates look to influence to make a purchase, submit a lead form, sign up for a newsletter, test out an accommodation, become an incipient customer, etc. Customers are the ultimate solution for whom everyone is working. The products are sold only to the customer


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