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Posted by dunitzsantrino on August 14th, 2014

By risking their own lives and limb to save people is the job in borders. The only job that required tremendous courage, bravery, strong heart, least bothered about your safety to save the lives of others with a positive attitude of selfless service to go into the flames is our pride Soldiers. What best these real heroes can be awarded for their courage and bravery? Tiny enough to carry, bright enough to display and engraved with respectable words is challenge coins.

With complete dedication and strong commitment soldiers contribute their life to the nation. Surviving in dangerous zone they safe the society, with no any attachment with their family they work day and night hard for the family called our country. These groups of legends for their exceptional performance and courage departmental wise, on occasional and special days challenge coins are awarded to them. As a token of thanks and appreciation challenge coins are the encouragement and supportive bond for individual as well as for entire unit.

Challenge coins are made for all the military branches as well as for other departments and units. Departmental wise following challenge coins are awarded: -

Marine challenge coins
Police challenge coins
Firefighter challenge coins
Navy challenge coins
Coast guard challenge coins
Custom challenge coins
Army challenge coins
Military challenge coins
Law enforcement challenge coins

Apart from above armed forces, in recent era few more organizations as made the traditional practice of awarding the challenge coins

Government agencies-

•Federal bureau of investigation
•National security agency
•Central intelligence agency
•Federal reserve police department
•The officials of the Interpol
•Staff of white house
•Presidents of special security personnel member

Brands and Associations- prestigious company, give challenge coin as a gift to make their customers feel proud of owning their product. Volunteers and committed members of international associated clubs
Sports and events- in Scouts camp, tournaments like basket and foot ball
Occasions- wedding couples, anniversaries, birthday and special events
Business cards- stamped logo of a company and contact details coins will be shared with clients during meeting and gathering

Among many armed forces, navy is one of the important departments with elite group of men and women who provide service that is essential to the armed service. Navy challenge coins are awarded with honor to this elite group of men and women whose duties curve from work responsibility to disaster relief. Navy challenge coins are a prized possession for those who serve their country.

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