Challenge coins- mean a lot to Soldiers

Posted by dunitzsantrino on August 14th, 2014

People surviving in military expect to work hard and they are born to do so and few go extra mile beyond the expectation. In some situation a soldier’s hard work, effort, bravery, productivity is thanked by their superiors. Sometime with a handshakes, special certificate, sometime a verbal token of thanks. There comes a talk of exceptional and dedicated work then soldiers are honored, respected and thanked with irreplaceable challenge coins and this mean a lot to soldier.

Challenge coins comes in different shapes, sizes and colors, symbols of unit, quotes written and often personalized to represent the unique occasion in which it is being presented. As per the different units and departments challenge coins are divided as follows: -

Custom challenge coins
Army challenge coins
Military challenge coins
Navy challenge coins
Coastguard challenge coins
Firefighter challenge coins
Law enforcement challenge coins
Police challenge coins
Marine challenge coins

All the armed forces are known to this tradition from long. The tradition of remembering the legends, their bravery and efforts are saluted by the irreplaceable challenge coins.

Apart from the armed forces in recent, various government agencies have enrolled the culture of challenge coins. Few top and branded companies present challenge coins for their customer to make them feel special and proud by owning their company product. Lion club, scouts camp, Red Cross international society have also started the practice of awarding challenge coins to volunteers and committed members.

Challenge coins are small medallion and prestigious belonging for any person. Representing the many strengths of the military, the proud individuals who serve will be awarded by military challenge coins. There is a saying that the sacrifices made by the members of military do not go unnoticed, the military challenge coin is a reminder. Commanders of the military use special military challenge coins to honor their servicemen and women for their bravery and performances.

The practice of providing challenge coins was started in military during world war, followed by that all department as the traditional path in awarding challenge coins. For the group identity, membership, support and esteem marine challenge coins are awarded. Addition to boosting, the moral of officers builds a strong bond, encouragement and supportive to the team as well as to the individual for the future days.

As per your requirement that includes sizes, shapes, metal that need to be used to make the coins, coin casing and quotes will be designed. And in recent trend wedding coins and business coins are in great demand. Exchange the business coin with clients during meeting and gathering, business coins share the logo of your company and contact details and suggested art works.

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