A transmission jack for your shop

Posted by alisonreid29 on August 14th, 2014

People who are running an auto shop need all sorts of tools so they can get things done. Working with heavy machines and components makes it impossible to get things done on your own and this is why you need the right tools to do some of the lifting. This is where you will learn about a transmission jack and a universal bender.

A transmission jack is the best tool you can use when you want to mount the transmission on a car. This is a very heavy component and it is very hard to handle, especially since it goes under the car. Even if you would have dozens of people lifting it, there would still be a high risk for error since it needs to be kept perfectly still.

Thanks to the transmission jack you can lift the part to the required height and you can connect it to the rest of the components. It will not budge and you can take all the time you need so you can get the job done since no one is going to be crushed under its weight. It can lift it up to 1.85 meters and thus you can work while standing.

There are other components in the shop that will need to be lifted and carried around as well. The engine can be lifted up through the hood and you will not need to mount it from under the car. For this you can use a crane and you will not have to break your back while handling it. It is also a necessary tool in the auto shop.

Bending thick pipes and bars is not possible with the power of your mind since you are not a magician and if you want to perform this task you will need a universal bender. You can use this tool so you can bend any piece of metal to the desire angle and so you can use the parts you will obtain to build or fix the cars you are working on.

The universal bender comes in many shapes and sizes and you have to pick the one that will meet the demands of your shop and your budget as well. There is no reason to buy top of the line products since you will not work with it too often, yet you have to make sure the equipment you will purchase will take care of all your needs.

If you want to know where you will find the tools that will make your life in the shop a lot easier, you should turn to the web for a solution. If you take the time to visit the site of machineryhouse.com.au, you will find all the tools you need to equip your shop from top to bottom and you will be ready to take on any challenge that will come through the door. You will also get some of the best prices on the market for the tools you want to buy.

If you want to find a transmission jack and a universal bender that will help you get things done around the shop, the web is where you will find the best deals. The site named before is the first one you should use when you want to get the best deals for these tools.

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