New spy gadgets: Variety that surprises most

Posted by adairsawyer on August 14th, 2014


Remembering those old spy movies bring to mind featured things like sunglasses or hidden cameras in wristwatches and few of which act as microphones also! Gone are the days when spy objects meant few routine items. The new spy gadgets come mostly in their high-tech avatars. You can find several high definition cameras or few mobiles recording over 8 gigs of data and all this being wireless and affordable too. Now that spy technology has revolutionized, the latest spy gadgets reflect the same. You can get fascinating spy objects from retail units and even shop online, depending on your convenience.

Keeping up with the technological boom, a lot of new spy gadgets have been launched in the market. Some that you can find are on sale in the real world and many of them can be used without any formal training. Given the increasing crime rate, it is not uncommon to find people making a beeline for these superior products. You can take a look at few wonderful gadgets that you should consider looking for in the market.

Spy gadgets for adults

Even if technology has been advertised over the years, most of these gadgets have been relegated to kids’ toys. Thankfully, the modern ones are available for adults; say for instance, the remote monitoring devices like wall clocks with a built-in hidden camera serving as effective ‘nannie cams’ or those that help detect thefts of any kind. Even the key logging technology is affordable and one can plug it into any computer’s USB port to limit detection. Similarly, offices make use of this too to ensure if employees are staying on task or at home for catching kids viewing inappropriate websites.

Spy gadgets for cell phones

Cell phone spy gear has become quite sophisticated of late. More people now use cell phones to communicate than any other form of technology. Using the latest spy gadgets, it is not difficult examining a person’s call records, browsing history or even find deleted files. Getting hold of a SIM card scanner at a pocket friendly rate will help solve the problem to a great extent. Since cell phones store most of their data in the internal SIM card, removing the card and running it through one of these scanners will reveal every possible detail.

Portable spy gadgets

The first thing that strikes many when talking about portability in spy objects is a versatile camera pen. This kind of product is a combination of several spy gadgets in one, like an in-built HD camera, recording capability of several hours in both audio and visual format, and a USB port that can be plugged inside a computer. Sometimes wristwatches function equally well and come with features to stun people. These kinds of additions in the tech world are fairly recent and their spying capabilities are worth giving their older counterparts a run for money.

New spy gadgets are constantly evolving to meet the needs of people using it. There are more products in line and in the years to come, these gadgets will soon turn into hot grabs.

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