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Posted by giftsmadespecial on August 14th, 2014

Of the top five must haves in a lady's purse, the compact mirror always takes an important spot, right next to lipstick, pen, driver's license, and all sorts of handbag items that most ladies find essential. Some say that this little piece of accessory is almost as critical as a lady's lipstick. In fact, they go hand-in-hand, especially in emergency make-up re-touch situations. Not only do compact mirrors allow re-touching and make-up application in a pinch—they also serve many practical purposes, such as checking your teeth for any food left stuck, putting eye drops or contact lenses on the go, or checking on things that are difficult to see otherwise.

Compact mirrors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some are plain mirrors encased in some sort of flexible material or a metal setting, while others open to a double mirror, joined together by a hinge so that either lids or sides can be used as mirrors (some even integrate magnifying mirrors). They can be as plain or as stylish as you want them to be, and they can be personalised and engraved with all kinds of messages and even names, which is perfect for gifts.

If you are looking for a unique gift that your lady friend will surely appreciate, consider giving her a personalised compact mirror that reflects her personality. Much like lockets and pendants, engraved mirrors are excellent keepsakes. They can be used as gifts or as special memorabilia and given to another person to remember each other by. These unique gift items are simple, yet elegant gift ideas, especially for sophisticated ladies who love keeping these kinds of trinkets.

Compact mirrors come in a wide range of designs and styles. Plain circular, rectangular, square, oval, and heart-shaped mirrors that are hinged on one side and open up to double mirrors are common, and offer plenty of space for personalised engravings and messages, while more decorative options are also available, such as those with floral designs, crystal embellishments, and other types of ornamentations. Engraved details add a personal touch to these already elegant products. They make excellent gift ideas for special ladies, which is why if you are looking for an awesome gift that your mom, sister, daughter, aunt, or special lady friend will surely adore and have practical use for, choose an engraved compact mirror.

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