A little surprise

Posted by dressalfron on August 15th, 2014

So here’s a little surprise I have been holding in lately …

A little while back I noticed my pants that I always wear just seemse to always be falling off of me so I had my mom take them in a little bit. I just thought maybe they were always like that and I was just suddenly intuned to it or something.

Turns out I have lost about 15 lbs since last summer. I was about 140ish when I had all my drama happen, and now i’m around 125. I mentioned it to my mom and she’s like well, I noticed most of your muffin top is gone….me and your dad were talking about it the other day!

I swear I hadn’t even really noticed! I think because it is winter and I have just been wearing hoodies and sweatpants and all that type thing but when I really looked i was like well good grief how did i not notice this before now?

If i could loose around 10-15 more lbs I would be so happy and have a ton of nice clothes that I have been saving back for that one day when I loose weight. I don’t even know what I did to loose this weight. I really haven’t been sick, but then david and I have really quit eating FAST FOOD when we go out. Maybe that is it? If I cut out soda and some of my wine and could go walking goodness only knows how much that would help. If I hadn’t tore my foot up i’d already be out walking in the trail some in the evenings!

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