How Can a Paging System Benefit Your Business?

Posted by John Edward on January 15th, 2021

Pagers might sound like a thing of the past in the modern day, but in the ever-changing world, pagers have found a renewed place in the clinic and customer sectors. Also known as beepers, pagers are wireless telecommunications devices with one-way or two-way messaging capabilities through an internal transmitter. This makes communication and distancing easier to implement when it comes to staff and customer or patient.

Using a customer paging system or clinic paging system offers many advantages for your business. With a customer paging system, you can provide better customer service by non-verbally and wirelessly communicating with your customers and making them feel at ease. Guests and servers can interact from a distance and the guest’s experience will be improved by immediate alerts and decreased wait times. If customers need refills, service, or the check, they can simply let their server know through the system.

You might have seen pagers used by customers waiting for take out orders or for a table at a restaurant, and this technology provides a lot of breathing room for the restaurant or business in question. With these devices, customers don’t have to remain congested at the front of the building and can roam around without having to worry about their name being called or losing their place in line.


With a clinic paging system, you can increase productivity and provide comfort for patients by discreetly tracking waiting times and giving them a way to contact staff members from up to half a mile away. When dealing with a busy and complex setting like a hospital or other health care office, paging systems can notify patients of pharmacy order pick-ups and test results, call guests in waiting rooms, request staff, and more.

The three alert types make paging systems accessible by offering LED lights, audible signals, and vibration. It is an easy system to use with seamless operation. You also won’t have to worry about battery life or distance. Many pagers are rechargeable or run on simple batteries that can easily be replaced, and their very high-frequency radio signals ensure incredible coverage even in places that have poor reception. Especially with the new restrictions in 2020 and beyond, paging systems are fantastic social distancing solutions for any business and still prove to be an effective tool for the modern-day.

Although more modern devices like smartphones are available, these devices lack the simplicity, reliability, and signal strength that pagers do. Pagers are also a lot more cost-effective and can save businesses from losing money. Especially in a business with many staff and customers, pagers can be seamlessly distributed and issues can be nipped in the bud through fast and effective communication. Pagers also increase the professional appearance of your business, as using personal cell phones is distracting to employees and appears unprofessional to guests which can be potentially detrimental to the business. With pagers, you know the device is designated for a sole purpose and boasts good etiquette and dedication to the job.

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