Should you use a DIY tooth whitening kit or visit a teeth whitening Manchester D

Posted by elitekhandental on August 16th, 2014

Qualified cosmetic dentists from teeth whitening Manchester dentist are warning people who use DIY teeth whitening kits to get to a celebrity shade of white as they may be risking their health.

People are now increasingly opting for over the counter products instead of visiting their dentists which is in turn putting them at risk of stomach problems, mouth infections, toothache and nerve damage to name just a few. They might also be getting spotted or patchy teeth as a result of unprofessional application. Results can be even worse for people with deep cavities. Providing the bleach with an easy route to the blood vessels, nerves and bone, which could potentially cause bad toothache or even severe infection?

Teeth whitening are possibly the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures in Britain because of the population’s desire for the Hollywood smile. Sadly in spite of the demand for ultra white teeth, off white or even yellow remains the natural colour for most people. This is due to Dentin, a hard yellow substance that shows through the enamel making our teeth appear yellow. Other factors that affect tooth colour can be aging, smoking, fluoridated water and even chemicals in tea, coffee and some fizzy drinks.

In spite of professional whitening costing from as little as £150 with many private dentists in Manchester offering 0% finance deals people are still opting for the super cheap home kits. These are often the ones where you place the bleach in a gumshield like tray and where it overnight. The problem with many of these however is the often high acidity levels. Some products are highly abrasive and while they may remove surface stains will also begin to take out the enamel. Another issue that’s often found is the tummy upsets caused by swallowing the bleach. The gumshields aren’t made to measure so are often loose. This leads to the bleach leaking into your mouth whilst you’re sleeping which you inevitably swallow. The worrying question is, if it gives you an upset stomach then what else could it do?

The British Heart Foundation now recommend anyone getting their teeth whitened should go to a professional teeth whitening Manchester clinic so pre existing conditions can be treated first before starting the bleaching process. Often you’ll find that professional clinics will offer different systems to suit you. At Elite Khan Dental in Manchester they offer the Zoom Teeth whitening system along with the Enlighten system. This gives you the option to pick a system that would be better suited to you either through the process or the end results. Zoom for example comes with a relief ACP gel which actually protects the enamel and the Enlighten system is the only system in the world to get your teeth to the VITA shade B1 otherwise known as Hollywood white. For more information on teeth whitening call Elite Khan Dental today. Professional, qualified and extremely safe.

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