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Posted by Diana Wilson on January 15th, 2021


Radiography is one of the most sought after careers in the world of medicine, in New Zealand. It is an art, which is considered fundamental and is surrounded by other kinds of medical care. Today, young graduates, and school leavers dream of a career in the world of radiography. For those individuals, who wish to pursue full-time bachelor's and master degrees in the field of Radiography, there is Bachelor of Medical Imaging from the Ara Institute of Canterbury, Bachelor of Applied Science from the University College of Learning, and Bachelor of Health Science from the Unitec Institute of Technology.

Currently, in New Zealand, there are two types of radiographers such as Therapeutic and Diagnostic Radiographers. Diagnostic radiography is an art that consists of using lots of machines and imaging skills, for creating world-class images, which reveal injury or disease. The radiographer takes the image and reports to the doctor, for enabling the doctor to give correct treatment, to the patient. There are currently lots of Radiographer job vacancies, in the land of the Kiwis, in various fields such as Nuclear Medicine, Angiography, Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resource Imaging, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, and X-rays. In the case of therapeutic radiographers, they deal with providing radiotherapy services. The role of the therapeutic radiographers is considered extremely important since these doctors hold healthcare expertise and are highly qualified in administering and planning radiotherapy. The radiographers in New Zealand help engineers, medical physicists, and clinical oncologists. Now, let us analyze the top reasons why radiography is an excellent career in New Zealand.

1)      Job security and professional growth

A career in radiography is one of the most highly prized in the world of medicine and especially, for those individuals, who wish to work New Zealand.  The salaries are quite decent by the standards of New Zealand and start from around seventy thousand New Zealand dollars to upwards. Job security is quite decent, as compared to other jobs in the country. Readers will be delighted to know that even during the current bloodbath of jobs during the current COVID-19 pandemic, fewer than ten radiographers out of a total strength of five hundred in the whole country have been laid off. With a radiographer’s designation, individuals will be able to assist people with problems regarding health. Using specialized equipment, radiographers can see the internal parts of the human body.

2)      Chances of specialization are very high.

Once the individual becomes a therapeutic radiographer, he/she can plan and accurately deliver the treatment using radiography, by doing treatments using technical equipment. Due, to the very high number of Radiologist Jobs, the chances of acquiring a specialization are extremely high, for most radiographers. The treatment requires very high precision, in curing tumors and destroying infected tissues and cells. The radiographer must also learn how to lower the exposure of rays to healthy tissues, present in the body. With more knowledge, the doctor can answer all the questions in a much better way. The patient’s progress needs to be checked regularly, and also the doctor must provide extra support and care, as a part of the daily routine. Therapeutic radiography has proved to be extremely effective since the success rate is almost sixty percent.

3)      The duration for starting a career is much shorter

For those candidates, who wish to start their careers much more quickly, and in a much more orderly way, there exist many options besides the conventional way, by acquiring degrees. Students can opt for a PostGraduate Certificate in Medical Imaging, from the University of Otago, which is of Level 8. This course is of only one-year duration and along with industry internship, with leading global hospitals like Columbia hospital in Auckland, etc. After completing this course, candidates have to acquire a practicing license, after writing a state examination and passing it. Vocational degrees and other job oriented courses in the field of radiography, lead to much higher employability, than conventional degrees, since they involve a very high level of industry interaction, because students spend a lot of time doing practical internships, in the industry.

4)      The nature of the job involves a lot of precision and detail.

As a radiographer, the individual will gain a lot of expertise in having detail and precision regarding the nature of the job. The radiographer can assist the doctor in acquiring the patient’s image through X-rays for doing treatment and diagnosis. The individual has to maintain the imaging equipment, collecting the medical history of the patient, helping them to learn the imaging process, covering the body of the patient. This does not need an X-Ray, giving the position of the patient and operating the imaging machine.


In this article, readers will get the complete information regarding the most famous reasons, as to why Radiography is an excellent career.

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