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Posted by adairsawyer on August 16th, 2014

Photocopiers are a staple part of most offices. As tools of convenience and efficiency, these devices not only help complete work but also in an appropriate manner. The basic use of a photocopier is that duplicates of printed material can be made efficiently and in the cheapest way available. However, the trouble ensues when you have to decide in respect to leasing or renting these important devices. You can rent photocopier if you wish to spare yourself additional costs of buying new devices. One of the best decisions is to rent photocopier Sydney product by paying a certain amount as rental. Whatever payment method you choose, it must suit your office requirements well.
Given the exorbitant prices of most office photocopiers, it is quite natural if you find yourself reluctant to spend loads on them and that too in one go. Most Australian companies, particularly in Sydney allow rentals or give out lease options. This helps many cash-strapped companies as they do not have to pay a large amount at one shot and yet utilize the machines completely. You can rent photocopier Sydney units or opt for other flexible payment options. For that, take a look at the common techniques of availing these photocopiers:
Photocopier leasing
Basically, there are two types of lease. However, within the categories, every lease contract is different from the other. At the time of leasing the machine, it’s important you check the terms and conditions of the contract, because many companies give out the right lease while their terms and conditions are not transparently written in the small print.
Photocopier lease rental
With a lease rental, the amount for a photocopier is paid over a period of time as specified in the contract (around 2-5 years). Most of these stipulate a minimum term for the lease, so in the event of backing out early and upgrading the photocopier, the remaining instalments must be paid up front. With this kind of payment, the leasing company retains the ownership of the photocopier long after the expiry of the lease and title of the equipment is offered to the original supplier for a certain fee.  
Photocopier lease purchase
Akin to a lease rental, the lease purchases can be had with lower monthly or quarterly payments over a fixed period of time. After the lease period comes to an end, you will finally get the ownership of the photocopier. One thing that must not be forgotten is that all leases must be thoroughly checked, including the interest rates on the total amount payable.
Photocopier rental
Whether you rent photocopier or get one for yourself on a rental basis, it is considered the best option. This works well for those who want photocopiers for a shorter duration. You can only gain ownership of the machine after paying a final fee with your supplier, but unlike lease rentals, the minimum terms can range anywhere between a week to a year.
There is much flexibility when you have to rent photocopier Sydney. In fact, most people find the idea of photocopier rentals attractive as that includes support and maintenance services for the entire duration of the agreement.

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