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Posted by Johny Dean on August 16th, 2014

Computer forensics Singapore is all about conducting investigations which has the aim to reveal the extent of damage within your personal or business computers. Should you like to get in touch with ediscovery Singapore experts who know exactly how to identify issues and preserve any findings using forensic "read-only" capture methods, then you must trust the specialists from RP-DS!

For those who do not know, computer forensics represents a subfield of digital forensic science, with strong connection to the legal evidence to be found in computers. The main aim of computer forensics Singapore would be to analyze and assess digital information. Data recovery, covert fraud investigations, email tracing or ediscovery Singapore are also types of practices used within this branch. A professional business such as RP-DS which deals exclusively with computer forensics Singapore and ediscovery Singapore was set up in 2004, in Singapore. This is a great company that has managed to expand and have offices in Hong Kong and Indonesia, thus satisfying not hundreds, but thousands of customers who come back for premium quality digital security, mobile phone forensics, covert fraud investigations, employee misconduct investigations and deleted data forensic recovery services at affordable prices.

You should keep in mind that the experts from this terrific company use solely technical skills combined with local knowledge, languages, and customs in order to offer a prompt and responsive service to its clients. The team of ediscovery Singapore experts truly know how to handle each and every situation and how to please their clients. They have the necessary equipment, work ethic, but also excellent expertise in order to secure your digital assets with confidence and help you keep your problems aside.

What should also be noted with respect to this company would be that its team of specialists can certainly strengthen an organization’s IT stance before things go wrong. They are the type of computer forensics Singapore experts who will definitely not disappoint you, irrespective of the type of service you need. They will conduct investigations, provide a personalized service, cater to all your needs and demands, assess any evidence of corporate fraud or security-related issue and come with valid solutions.

You must keep in mind that the forensic investigations undertaken by the members of RP-DS are of the highest quality possible. The list of clients with which the above-mentioned company has worked includes: law firms, large financial institutions, insurance companies, and manufacturing sector organizations, as well as oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, and other natural resource companies. The services can extend to offer regional ediscovery Singapore preservation, collections, and hosting data for a wide range of clients.

Would you like to be able to speak with computer forensics Singapore or ediscovery Singapore specialists who know exactly what type of services to provide you in order to say goodbye to all your problems? Then you need to get in touch with the members of RP-DS, a fantastic computer forensics company based in Singapore!

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