5 Tips on Checking If a Mattress Is Certified Organic

Posted by TheOrganicMattressStore on August 17th, 2014

For every legitimate natural mattress out there, there’s probably at least one fake company blatantly lying about being organic, making claims that its mattresses are free of harmful chemicals in order to get consumers like you to pay a good sum for nothing but an inferior, toxic product. If you are in the market for organic mattresses and would like to make sure that what you are buying is truly worth the extra cash, it is important that you keep in mind the following tips on distinguishing between authentic organic products and bogus claims:

1. One of the first things you should remember when shopping for organic mattresses is to find a legitimate supplier that sells authentic organic mattresses from trusted brands. Look for companies that sell mattresses, pillows, pads, sheets, blankets, and towels from established names like WJ Southard, Royal-Pedic, Green Sleep, CozyPure, Shepherds Dream, and other well-known organic/green brands.

2. To know whether the mattress manufacturer truly adheres to organic standards, find out if they are USDA/NOP certified. That is your first clue that the product you are buying meets stringent non-toxic and organic standards. From an organic twin mattress, to a king, all of our certified organic cottons for our organic mattresses have met the strict standards of the USDA/National Organic Program. This means consumers are purchasing items certified organic from field to finished product

3. Read labels. You should be as mindful in reading product labels for mattresses as you are in reading food labels. Beware of mattress labels that simply say ‘eco friendly’ or ‘green,’ ‘bio foam,’ ‘100%’ ‘or soy foam.’ This usually just means that the manufacturers replaced a small portion of conventional polyurethane foam with some kind of plant-based component. In essence, the mattress is still predominantly polymer ethane.

4. Wool has innate fire retardant properties, making it a good alternative. If you choose to go for wool mattresses, make sure that the manufacturer uses organic wool that has not been treated with any additional chemicals (which is often done to boost fire resistance).

5. Lastly, do your research. Many companies claim that the products they offer are organic and environment friendly, but not all can live up to such claims.

Take time to research about the store you wish to buy organic mattresses and products from, to make sure that it can be trusted. The internet is a great friend when you are trying to shop for these kinds of products, as you can see words of warning against certain companies as well as good recommendations for trustworthy suppliers that you can check out.

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Dennis and Leora Hornick are the owners of the Organic Mattress Store Inc. They started this business in 2004 and within few years it becomes a big brand store in Pennsylvania and the East Coast, all the way to California.

The Organic Mattress Store Inc. is a well known organic mattress store in Pennsylvania. They provide mattresses made up of 100% certified organic cotton and wool. They are the market leaders in natural and organic mattress. They have all big brands in their store like Green Sleep, Royal-Pedic, WJ Southard, Shepherds Dream Cozy-Pure etc, for you to come in to try out.

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