Make reclaiming Mis-Sold Packaged Bank Accounts a quick and easy process

Posted by matthewdavis9179 on August 17th, 2014

Bundled products became increasingly popular among the banks in the UK as one of the best possible ways to overcome the UK population’s reluctance to pay for a current account. A Packaged Bank Account or more often referred to as PBA is a fee paying current account, mostly bundled with numerous insurance policies such as Vehicle Breakdown cover, Mobile phone, travel insurance along with other special features like access to VIP airport lounge, preferential loan rates and music downloads from the web and so on.

Most Banks were active in heavily marketing their variants of a PBA, much of this activity focused on existing customers and trying to sell anyone who happened to be in branch or on the phone a Packaged Bank Account. Being more precise, Packaged Bank Accounts are sold to their customers rather than customers willingly looking and buying these kinds of accounts. Consumers are upgraded to these kinds of accounts by their existing bank after sometime or they are provided with PBA in place of a fee-free account when opening a new current account in the bank. Having the Best Packaged Bank Account can be a good option for some of the account holders but only if the features of the account are suitable, of the right quality needed and fully understood.

However, for many consumers, it seems they pay monthly fees for those benefits that they cannot claim on ever. For instance, some account holders who tried to make a claim on travel insurance policies figured out that they fail to qualify for the claim because of their age or the kind of vacation they have been on. The matter of the fact is that many of the consumers have been deceived, mis-led or pressurized into taking on a PBA and paying money every month for a product which is either unnecessary, unsuitable or sometimes both.

If you think you have been duped by your existing bank, then you need not worry as there are professional companies in the UK that are committed to helping victims of Mis-Sold Packaged Bank Accounts to make claims on their behalf and help them reclaim the money that they rightfully deserve. The professional companies provide all sorts of help and assistance to handle the claims while saving people from a lot of hassles and problems. You can surf the internet and find the best company such as Money Active Ltd to aid you in reclaiming Mis-Sold PBA and procure the money that belongs to you.

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