What is Eco-conscious?

Posted by Yuri on January 15th, 2021


Eco-conscious. Have you ever heard of the word? Environmental issues are becoming a real problem. Bushfires in Australia are not long ago. One of the causes of the bushfires was climate change. Did you know that extreme weather events are made more likely by human-caused climate change? Since we live in the generation of technology, no matter where you live, what you do or who you are with, we can get information and we can even see what's going on on time via live stream from a mobile phone. I heard many people have woken up from the event and started to change lifestyle. But how many people have got overwhelmed by massive problems we've got? There is no more time to waste. We've got to face the problems we are causing. It's never too late to start for our planet, animals, people we love, next generation and for you. But how?

First step is to be aware and to be conscious of the choices you make in everyday life. We constantly make decisions probably every second. What to talk, what to listen, what to eat, what to do, what to buy, how to spend. I am sure most of them are automatic choices. If you make these choices consciously in a more thoughtful and eco way, that would be a real start. It is easy to be told to do this and this which helps the world and then follow them, but most of the time it does not last. Changing human behavior is't easy. You have to be more aware of the fact by yourself and that makes you rethink what you can do and be more conscious, it most likely to become a habit. 

So what does exactly make a choice consciously mean? For instance, when you buy a piece of furniture, how do you choose? What is the priority for you to choose a piece? Style? Function? Trend? Colour? Conscious choice is to know deeply about the product before you purchase. Where it came from, how they made, who they made, what materials are used, does it last long? How does it impact on the planet and people? It is very important to be eco-conscious and choose sustainable products. These questions apply to any area when you shop anything. At first you would probably feel overwhelmed or pressure unless you love searching. But eventually you will adopt a habit thinking. And that is not only for the earth, it benefits us as well.

Secondly, stop wasting. Have you ever heard of zero waste? (If you want to read more about zero waste, read from here.) You do not have to do everything. Step by step with your pace. Because what's important is your attitude towards the planet. Even the thinnest thing, if we do it together it makes a difference. Definitely better than doing nothing. 


Let's be a little more eco-conscious and be kind to our mother earth together!

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