The Simplest Way Education Problems In Developing Countries Can Be Fixed

Posted by Mitchel on January 16th, 2021

Education is but one of the key topics of development in today's world, though its provision is much more complicated than it looks.

The value of education for development issues can't be underestimated. Indeed, education does not only provide developing countries the qualifications that allow their citizens to progress in adult life and drive economic development, it also can really help solve more fundamental problems, such as for instance health challenges. Education can indeed do great things for teaching people hygiene norms that may improve the overall lifestyle and life expectancy of many people, especially women. Modupe Elebute-Odunsi knows it very well and has been working for this cause for a long time. Sexual health is truly one of those areas that will benefit greatly from education, as well as maternal health. With such an education, women can truly be empowered to maintain a far better life and also be in control of their bodies and their future.

We have already done a lot for education globally; why has it not yet been enough? It is truly perhaps the time to discuss the importance of growth and development in education. We often believe that education is instrumental to development and that it helps countries grow socially and economically. Yet we often are unable to consider the reverse relationship: how can education improve and expand if there aren't any resources, at the state level to fund education as well as at the private level to allow children and young adults to learn for a longer period? The failure to look at education as an end in itself in place of a means to an end is an awful one for this world. As Sally Healy knows, we need to circle back to a philosophy that understands the importance of education for personal development and the right of all to be educated. This is the only way that our society can insure that everyone across the world gets the chance to live a decent life and follow their dreams.

What's the relationship between education and development? Experts very often disagree on the nature of the correlation. Is education a driver or a symptom of development? The connection is often circular. Better education does empower people to push economic development forward, but education demands resources that are often not obtainable in developing countries. This is exactly why, there are lots of initiatives for how to improve education in poor countries. People like Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al Misned have dedicated the better portion of their life to the cause, especially in favour of women and girls, who most struggle with insufficient education in life. Strengthening the quality and the reach of the educational capacity of several countries can help them improve their development very quickly and effectively.

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