The Essential Event Planning Checklist

Posted by planaheadevents on August 19th, 2014

Events are significant occasions hosted by companies to fulfill special purposes. The idea is to seek an opportunity to recognize an achievement, launch special products, create benchmarks, introduce special ideas or services, celebrate milestones and eventually create a lasting impression. Planning events is an art executed with the right design, coordination and experience.

Veteran corporate event planners, who have experience prototyping events and leading them to success, find it essential to prepare a checklist first. Plan Ahead Events, recognized as one of the top event planning companies, has created successful stories for events with the implementation of proper corporate event planning. After all, understanding and fulfilling end goals with a solid event planning checklist gives a competitive edge to businesses. Here is a look at the chief considerations for events to go smoothly.

Recognize the Purpose of the Event

To properly articulate the exact purpose of an event, you have to remember the goal at every stage of its planning so that you can direct it successfully. From brand building to customer engagement, different goals will require a unique focus. From beginning till end, stick towards your purpose and work towards attaining that goal.

Sort Out the Essential Points

Inviting every person on the contact list can confuse clients who may attend with no specific purpose or sense of contribution. In that case, narrowing down the list to only those who can benefit and add value to your event will improve your event. Once you have a list of suppliers, hosts, principal participants and attendees; collect contact information for them. Chalk out your event profile like time and date of the event; and also a proper agenda and schedule. Instead of jotting down the necessary points in a notebook, use apps that can help you with the task.

Media Planning

The crucial purpose of business event planning is to prepare contacts for a comprehensive media list, such as, local press, daybooks, nationals, print, electronic, etc. Also, it is essential to make the media aware of when and where your event will be hosted to build buzz.

Consider Giveaways

Attendees are the focus and they should be treated so while at your event. Make it appealing and attractive to them by providing giveaways with a personal touch to it, like stamp of the company logo, etc.

Streamline Your Registration Process

Before guests arrive, set up and walk through your registration process. Set up name tags and make sure all sign in sheets are present so that there is an appropriate registration process followed. If particular steps look like they could build up lines, send additional help to those points.

Manage Signage, Parking, etc

Focusing on small things can only enhance the experience of your event. Ensuring safety of your attendees with control of parking and traffic flow and clear signage will help attendees navigate your event without difficulty. Maintaining an event checklist is crucial to keep track of the minutiae of running an event. To learn more, visit

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