What's the Significance of images in storytelling?

Posted by Mitchell Oneill on January 16th, 2021

The goal of the gathering was to explore the ways that storytelling with pictures can enhance creativity, sharing, learning, memory retention, creativity, and visualization. Additionally, there are a few important ideas about storyboarding which I'd like to share. First, I'd like to introduce my subject, which is African American story, or more commonly called Afro Narratives. This period, when used to establish a story, implies stories told with African American characters. However, depending upon the writer, a story might also have European, Asian, Latin, Filipino, Samoan, Maori, or Egyptian characters. In addition to these, a lot of Africans, such as Hispanics, also use this expression to specify a narrative told with a Western (post-colonial) perspective. I want to present two chief sorts of African traditions for storytelling. The first is named Djangata. Djangata is nearly a family story told by a elderly woman to her younger sister, who then goes on to tell the story to others. It's usually told during inter-generational gathering where the girls (the Djangata) inform the stories to the women (sisters) who ask questions. Additionally, the Djangata could be read aloud. In addition, it is almost completely oral storytelling. Although epics like the epic Black Death and the lion-headed epics like the"Lion Dance" of Zambia still evoke interest among readers, there's more to African American storytelling than just a series of heroic stories. In reality, many modern-day epics such as the"Book of a Thousand Pictures" and"The Colorful Landscape" reflect the cultural heritage of Africa using a exceptional beauty that is rarely found in different mediums. Therefore, when you view African movies and movies, read African books and books, or tune in to African American music, make certain you're doing it with the help of a story that closely relates to the history, culture, and heritage of the people of this early culture. Click Here to obtain additional information about Storytelling with picture.

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