Call Center PBX Systems Help You Communicate Effectively

Posted by Aaeesha on August 20th, 2014

Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, is a private telephone network, which is used inside an organization or a company for communication. All the people who use the PBX are able to communicate with all others in the same organization, or even the outside world, by using the communication channel offered by the PBX. The PBX Phone System uses various communication channels like analog, ISDN, or Voice over IP. The features offered by the network are numerous, and they benefit your company by offering effective communication modes at really affordable rates.

These call center PBX systems have more phones than the available number of physical lines. The users are allowed free calls among each other. Such telephone systems are known to be more flexible than the usual proprietary telephone systems. This is because they use only the open standards and interfaces. The systems that are in use these days are based on standard hardware. This makes them cheaper and very easily replaceable. Unlike the closed systems, you can replace them whenever you want.

Call center PBX systems help a lot in managing all telephone calls within the organization. There is a central node, which routes the calls to the respective nodes. A single number is required to call all the users of the system. When a phone call is made to your number, the receptionist accepts the call. Using the extension number, the call is routed to the required node. Calls can be made between the different users by using only the extension number. They are totally free of cost, which makes PBX systems cost effective in your company. IP PBX systems are most commonly used. They offer a wide range of additional offers and features over the traditional PBX system.

In a PBX Phone System, any existing LAN connection is used to route the internal telephony. As such, you do not need any separate network for the purpose. You can connect the IP-PBX gateways to the usual PSTN network and make voice calls. Voice over IP, or VoIP, is also possible and you can make calls over the internet. The open SIP standard is usually used by the IP telephony. As such, the level of freedom you get is much more in this case. You could use any kind of phone that is compatible with SIP, as they are all work well with the IP PBX. Another advantage of the VoIP phones is that you do not have to connect them physically to the network. In short, they offer all the necessary features you need to run business effectively.

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