Theres More To Refreshing Your Brand Than Simply A New Logo

Posted by Liz Seyi on January 16th, 2021

Out with the old, in with the new’ is a motto that a lot of online businesses seem to be taking to heart as they look to the bold, changed corporate landscape that faces them after the pandemic. But of course, few of them want to dispense with everything that has previously made them successful.


You may therefore be convinced that a subtle brand refresh, rather than an outright overhaul, is in order for your firm. But what are the elements that you’ll need to think about if you are to get your own brand refresh right?


Consider the logo first, but don’t stop there


Yes, as we touched on in the title of this blog post, your business’s logo is far from the only thing that dictates and defines your brand. However, it is certainly something.


It’s therefore best to think of your logo as a starting or ‘jumping off’ point for your brand, rather than the one thing you’ll need to focus on. Nonetheless, not all existing brand logos are the same when it comes to such qualities as their visual strength, modernity, brand equity and client recall.

You’ll therefore need to evaluate your own logo in line with the above factors, also considering whether it accurately represents your brand today.


Some brands contemplating a refresh ultimately decide to keep their existing logo and refresh the branding system that surrounds it. And even if you do conclude that your brand logo could do with an update, you may look to repurpose certain elements of the current mark, so that you don’t lose all of the brand equity it may have built up over the months and years.


So, what else will your brand refresh need to consider?


While the logo is likely to be where you start with your brand refresh – in addition to representing a cornerstone for the rest of this crucial work – you should also be paying close attention to your organisation’s:


  • Brand messaging, encompassing such aspects as your tagline, web and print copy. What are your brand’s key messages? Do they answer the “why” questions that your target audience will have, while also telling a compelling story, all in a tone that befits how you wish prospects to perceive your brand?

  • Visual elements like the colour palette and typography. These are among the first elements that any potential customer or client will notice about your brand, so you need to consider whether they make your online and printed collateral pleasant to look at and easy to use. Think, too, about the custom graphics and styles of photography used across your present site and other key platforms; is it well-aligned with what your brand is supposed to communicate?

  • Physical and digital collateral across which your brand will be prominent. Don’t just think about your brand’s website, blog and social media pages; also assess the needs you are likely to have in terms of how your brand ‘lives’ in the real world. Will the touches that you are considering to refresh your brand work just as well across flyers, brochures, your office walls and company vehicles?

On the basis of the above, branding might seem a much more exhausting subject in many ways than initially meets the eye. However, it can also be a very exciting process to generate ideas for and roll out a brand refresh across your organisation’s brick-and-mortar and online properties alike.


Get in touch with the PENNInk Productions team now, and we would be pleased to guide you through the possibilities for your own next brand refresh, drawing upon our extensive digital marketing services to ensure every last detail is just right. It could play an instrumental role in your organisation’s future success as the coronavirus crisis gradually recedes into the past.


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