How to Choose the Right Generator for You

Posted by rlnenergyservices on August 22nd, 2014

Generators! Which one is going to fit your specific needs? How do you choose the right one? It can be a task just to decide which generator is going to fit you the best. How do you decide which cooling system, volt output, and type of generator you need? Cat Generators can make your generator buying process so much easier.

Cooling System

With Cat Generators, the cooling system is simple. The cooling units on these generators are mounted on the front of the units and come in various sizes. The cooling system will work the best when it is matched to the correct engine with the proper amount of airflow and temperature. With all of three of these things matching up correctly you should have a very efficient cooling system in your generator. To ensure you have the correct specifications you should make sure that the cooling system is around 10 percent more than the engine's heat rejection.


Generators can have anywhere from 250 volts to 125 volts. The 250 volts are mainly for larger generators. Smaller generators are going to use 125 volts. The smaller generators are probably what an average household is going to use as far as a generator goes. The 250 volt generator is something that a business or a construction site would use. Picking a generator is completely up to you as to what size generator you feel you would need for your intended purpose.


Generators are also based on phase. In a generator you can have a single-phase, or a three-phase distribution system. The single-phase generators are usually used if you are doing something which requires lighter energy. An example of a single-phase generator would be something like a portable engine-generator. A three-phase generator would be used in something like power lines and electrical grids. Three-phase generators can be used for electrical grids for worldwide transfer of power.

Cat Generators can run on anything from diesel to gas, and Cat has a huge selection of different generators for any and every need that an individual or a company may need. Cat has many different generators that can do the job for any need. With one of their generators, businesses can easily have the power that they need anywhere that you could possibly ever need it.

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