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Know more about challenge coins and military challenge coins

Posted by dunitzsantrino on August 22nd, 2014

What are challenge coins?

The challenge coins is an honor coin that are carried by members of military, navy, police, marine, coast guard, air force, firefighter and among others.

History and purpose of challenge coins

In earlier days before going to war the complete unit will be given a single coin as identification of that unit to one of the well known person in the group. Stories circulating behind the challenge coins dates back to the World War 1. The great struggle and escape of the pilot owning coin gave birth to the challenge coin.

For his remembrance, as a token of thanks and appreciation challenge coins will be awarded to the soldiers. Recognizing their hard work, efforts, and commitment and dedication challenge coins will be awarded in special occasion or in national festivals etc. The extraordinary work will be recognized in armed unit, for their encouragement and to boost up the entire unit challenge coin will be awarded with great respect and honour.

Types of challenge coins

Military challenge coins
Army challenge coins
Navy challenge coins
Custom challenge coin
Firefighter challenge coin
Marine challenge coin
Law enforcement challenge coin
Police challenge coin
Coast guard challenge coin

What challenge coins mean?

Among many respectful job in this nation, serving in border and fighting for nation’s safety is really one of the respectful job. People sacrifice their happiness, with least bothered about their lives and families they stand in front of bullets to save the country. With this great attitude they work day and many sleepless nights.

Their job cannot be weighed or valued by anything; their courageous work can only be awarded by respect. So challenge coins mean lot to soldiers, with a sincere hand shook and a great pride challenge coins will be awarded.

The pride of military challenge coins

Military challenge coins are awarded to those who shine in their particular branch of military. When any military personnel need to be recognized for their outstanding work in military training, to boost their courage and as an encouragement for their future steps these challenge coins are given.

An individual one who has received military challenge coin should always carry it on them at all the times. Military Challenge coins gained popularity after gulf war to recognize a certain date in military history.

Each branch of service has their own challenge coins, one who receive the challenge coins cherish them and pass them on to the next generation with pride. Sometimes even entire family gains the challenge coins as a gift.

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