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Posted by dunitzsantrino on August 22nd, 2014

In general people say at end of your school days or in farewell it was really the memorable days and moments that becomes a historic event eventually. Do you think statement stands true and to what extent?

Yes off courses memories are immortal that stays deep with time. With no doubt this situation appears in everyone’s life in their job, place they go to enjoy, spend time with friends, outing and so on. But there are few people who might be very far from all this kind of moments but still they experience the memory in their life and they do a respectful job in border and work for country and they are our armed forces. As a memory, for their courage and hard work government appreciates them by awarding challenge coins.

If you have a glance you can see many elderly ex soldiers walking around with their challenge coins safely tucked into their wallet or wear them in small leather pouches hung around their neck. Many get retirement in their work, few get changed their unit step ahead in their life with promotions.

Different department awards different challenge coins to cherish the moment, in similar people who work for marine department are awarded with Marine challenge coin.

The proud men and women who serve will know the value of challenge coins and what challenge coin mean for individual? And honour of carrying them. Representing the strengths of navy, for their outstanding work Navy challenge coins will be awarded as a token of thanks. They are dedicative, have a strong commitment towards work; they have sacrificed all their happiness and entertainment and strictly focused to safeguard our nation.

Navy challenge coins are made of many different metals; some are silver, copper, brass, nickel, bronze, copper and gold. Comes in different shape, color and sizes and represents the emblem of navy on it. To make it more artistic challenge coins are also designed in two and three dimensional. And also quotes written on it representing the department or some time representing occasion.

It is a traditional practice of awarding challenge coins and with the sense of pride ownership marine challenge coins are given. Since from the end of First World War challenge coins are awarded as a remembrance of volunteers who struggled in the war field and few who left their breath. These coins are often given to member of a unit by the commanding officers. Apart from the armed forces, recent trend as started awarding challenge coins in different departments like: -

•Federal Bureau of Investigation
•National Security Agency
•The Fire and Rescue Dept
•Staff of White house
•Members and volunteers of international clubs
•In sports event
•Even for wedding and as business cards

The tradition of this honour coin is the best way to make sure all the members carry their coin as a memory and experience they gained and have at all the times of their life.

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