EA 2014 FIFA World Cup Game Review

Posted by coininfifa on August 22nd, 2014

FIFA Ultimate Team Coins talk about the ‘Presentation’ part of the EA World Cup game. Despite many unsatisfying things about the gameplay, we do find 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil very well made in terms of presentations. It is actually quite artistic. There are many delicate designs and arrangements, such as occasional camera switch to streets all over the world, exciting coaches who act reckless on the sidelines, and sided sweeping shouts of the audience. Other details are impressive too, for example, fans with stupid costumes and behaviors in the crowd, vibrant colors that are used to show World Cup Brazil. Players in action on the field have abundant expressions too. Each country has its unique field behaviors. The artistic detail EA has presented is quite good.

However, if you have played FIFA 14 on next generation platform, Xbox One/PS4, all EA’s artistic efforts seem so powerless. Once you have experienced high quality graphics, it will be hard to accept poor crowds, compressed animations and lower frame rate and scree resolution, no matter how nice the details are meant to be. EA World Cup, to some extend, makes players more appreciate the FIFA 14.

FIFA 14 PS4 Coins of the game are excellent as usual. Two real-life famous commentaries recorded a great deal of content to accompany your playing. With their encouraging words, your emotions will be stirred during gameplay. If you have good stereo sound system, the chants, singing and din of the crowd will bring you to lifelike football field. On selection menus, very cool electrical/rock songs keep playing, putting you in relaxed mode. EA generously offered two talk radios for players, each with plenty of anecdotes, commentary and history about past World Cups. Though talk radio is not intelligent enough to mention what you are doing, it is very popular in previous FIFA games and being enhanced in this release.

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