The Facets of Social Media Marketing

Posted by dunitzsantrino on August 22nd, 2014

There was once a time when pure SEO or search engine marketing was being used to promote websites. But with the rapid growth and wide reach of social media sites, most marketing agencies have moved to this social platform to popularize their products or services. Now, you even have specialized social media agency in Dubai that provides customized marketing services for clients who want to establish and promote their brand across various social media websites.

Unlike organic search engines that make use of complicated algorithms and other formulae to assign ranking to each website, social media marketing (SMM) solely depends on building a large fan base and increasing the popularity of the brand.

Any social media agency in Dubai will make use of the following websites to promote its client’s website, product or service:

Facebook: Currently the leading social website in the internet world. It allows you to post picture, links, and even details about the product. Marketing agencies often execute activation campaigns including games, contests and other events to engage the audience and capture the audience’s attention.

Delicious: It is a social bookmarking site that allows users to tag their bookmarks with any of the terms in the index.

Foursquare: Basically aimed for mobile phone users, this network allows users to post their location and share venue details with their friends

Some of the other social media marketing sites popular in Dubai as well as other places are Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

If you approach a good agency providing social media marketing in Dubai to promote your website or product, they will work for you a marketing plan that encompasses all these social media sites and more or very specific one depending on your product and the target group your product has to reach to. They will share with you the mantra that regular posting and constant follow up are the most important attributes for creating the brand identity and maintaining it on the virtual world.

In this fast-paced world driven by the internet, it is very important to get as much as eyeballs of the target audience to remind them of the brand and its services. Therefore social media marketing Dubai gains a lot of importance. When we post updates, share posts or even conduct online campaigns, what we ensure is that the viewers definitely remember you. Moreover, using the online media to create your social presence ensures that you reach out to wider audience across the world. Any reputed social media agency in Dubai will be able to help you create an online presence and promote your brand on various social media sites.

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