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Posted by serversanddomains on August 22nd, 2014

VPS or the virtual private servers act as a bridge between a shared server and a dedicated one. While a dedicated one works wonderfully and comes with innumerable advantage because you ‘own’ the whole space, it works out to be quite expensive for smaller or medium sized companies. Shared servers, on the other hand, though are entirely affordable, has the disadvantage of ‘shared’ space and ‘shared’ everything, creating niggling problems for a business house.

A virtual private server, though, is somewhere in between the two. What does that mean to your business? It means that you will have your own small, individual server space, and need not share it with anyone. Moreover, at the same time, the amount you are going to pay is not going to be exorbitant as that of a single server. So, there is truly a whole lot of benefit that comes out of picking up a virtual private server for your business.

In a VPS server, you will have your own share of everything, from disk space to bandwidth. The whole server is distributed such that all the things associated with it, from server disk space to bandwidth, is equally divided among those who are a part of your VPS network. That means you can get quite much server space and server time and need to compete with others, as in a shared server, for more space or speed. With so much space in hand, you can enhance your business prospects through your website.

Yes, since you would have a whole lot of server space, do anything you like, from putting up extra marketing techniques to loading innumerable content and many more, to help your business grow tremendously. There are many VPS providers who provide customized windows VPS servers to business houses. So, from operating system (Windows or whatever you are operating on) to the amount of RAM and bandwidth, everything can be selected depending upon your requirements and customized accordingly.

With a virtual private server in place, you would have enough server space to increase your business prospects. Unlike a dedicated server, where you need to pay for the whole server space irrespective of you are using it or not, in a VPS, you can pay only for the space you need, and utilize it successfully for the growth of your business.

Since VPS is scalable, as and when your organization grows, you can start renting out extra space. So, VPS is highly advantageous for the growth of your website.

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