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Posted by ricky26 on August 22nd, 2014

If it is the case that we fall in love with our hearts and not with our heads, why are so many of us dating with our heads? Isn’t falling in love the end result we all want? Let’s just say that the universe has awarded us in abundance the ability to love and to be loved. There is no cap on the amount of love one individual can give or receive. Why not be the first in line to receive and give love. It is through our hearts that we experience love. In order to experience love, it must come through your heart and not your head. Most Black Singles would say that, “It’s scary to make decisions with my heart” or “I don’t want to be hurt, so I need to keep my guard up.” How many of us are waiting for our intellect to approve our love relationships.

Using your heart as the vessel through which love enters your life doesn’t mean you walk blindly into a relationship. Nor does it mean that you ignore any potential roadblocks or flashing hazard lights. It simply means that you operate from your heart space. Your heart is far more than just the organ pumping blood through your body. It’s the command center of your spiritual and emotional self. Your heart space is where intuition and raw emotion intersect. So if you are dating to find true Black Love, then you have to date with your heart.

1. Fall, but fall feet first. Do the preliminary work. Know the core of the person you are getting involved with. You’ll never really know everything about a person. You can however, know their CORE, the center from which all moral and ethical principles are based, you’ll know enough to allow that person into your life. People tell you who they are. You can’t control their actions, but you can control your reaction.

2. Be honest and transparent. Don’t be unclear or misleading about your intentions or your feelings. There is nothing worse than misrepresenting yourself or your intentions.

3. Express Yourself! If you’re Black Dating and begin to recognize emotional connection, say it and show it!

4. Trust yourself. A bird that sits fearlessly on the branch of tree not knowing if the branch will break doesn’t put its faith in the branch. Its faith is in its own wings it’s the ability to fly away. We have to believe in ourselves in the same way. No matter where our heart leads us to love, through good and bad, we’ll deal, and subsequently as resilient beings we’ll heal.

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