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Posted by adairsawyer on August 24th, 2014

A blog is a website or a part of a website where the author writes about the main idea behind starting the blog. It is like keeping log of the website. Blogs can be personal too. Some blogging sites have arrangements to accommodate accounts for people to make personal entries in them and sharing it with the rest. They are mostly free blog sites, however, some charge for the membership. Blogging is a new age way of putting forth your ideas and experiences through the internet to a huge audience. What if you can get paid for it? To make money blogging can be quite tricky. Have a look at some areas that you need to be aware of.

To make money blogging, you need to sell something. That something is what you write. The information and entries you make in your blog are your products. There are many ways for generating revenue for your ‘e-products’. Also you need to market you e-product on popular social networks and steer clear of scams. Free blog sites are good for beginners to generate followers.

The most important thing to make money blogging is to build up an audience who eagerly seek your blogs. This requires innovative ideas and good writing skills. Once you have your faithful audience, you can charge them for accessing your blogs through memberships. It can be monthly, quarterly or annually. Free blog sites don’t charge therefore you won’t be able to charge for your entries either. There are other ways of monetizing your blog, however.

To make money blogging you can generate connections with other websites that require advertising their product and offer them the space in your blog. This is termed as ‘affiliate marketing’ where you sell someone else’s product. An important thing to remember is that you need to connect with the product and allot them the space preferably when you are writing something in that regard. For this you require to purchase you own domain on a website and keep renewing it to keep your blog from disappearing. In your domain you have independent access and can customize it as per your needs. In case you have little knowledge of websites then you can sought for advice from a good website designer. Free blog sites do not offer you the freedom of handling your blog completely.

Pay per click sites help you to connect with other websites and you get paid every time a member of your blog clicks on the ad of the partner website and is directed to it. Google Adsense is one such website that provides relevant ads to articles. Free blog sites can be used as an initial milestone to understand the dynamics of internet blogging. E-products don’t consume much of your time and space. They occupy space on your computer and little bit on the website. They can be created whenever and wherever you want and can be of any size. Thus, they are an easy and exciting way to make money blogging.

Free blog sites offer ease and comfort. To make money blogging one should have the knowledge of writing as well as the internet.

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