Ashley Madison Reviews: Traits of a Man Drowned in an Illicit Affair

Posted by TonySmith on August 24th, 2014

Extra marital affairs continue to be ground one for a barrage of divorces. While many women continue reading Ashley Madison Reviews to find out if there is anything wrong in their husbands and their behaviors, men on the other hand have a gala time reading how to have an affair with the woman of their choice. Truth is that it is completely up to the woman to find out if her man has lately been dating another woman.

Speaking from a psychological standpoint, every man shows some distinct and obvious traits when he has an affair with someone other than his wife or partner. Here are some things to check for.

Brisk change of appearance

Psychologists believe that grown men like to stick to a particular way of living and are averse to changing their ways. If there is a sudden change in the way a man dresses up, does his hair, he might well be involved in an illegitimate affair. The changes can be as minute as changing the hairstyle and as distinct as trying to transform the entire body type. On most of the occasions, it is then other woman that suggests a different hair-do, a beard or may be a shaven chest. This is one of the major reasons people look for reading Ashley Madison Reviews.

On most cases, it is not that the other woman might particularly like a certain style that she suggests to her lover. It is only that she wants to exercise some authority on her lover. She might also want to test if the man is open to take suggestions from her.

Transformation in attitude

This is one of the most important things that mark the beginning of an extra-marital affair. The disposition that the man normally has towards his wife changes all of a sudden. Though some of the more seasoned players have mastered the art of wearing the mask, first-timers are pretty susceptible to getting caught in the trap. The man would generally show marked disgust towards his wife or regular partner that is clearly different from the stress that originates from work. This might have something to with men learning how to have an affair.

Increase in distance

One of the most important things that women need to note in an affair is the way the man distances himself from his wife. This might however be a mixture of pressure at work and an illicit affair. But it is among the more prompt traits. The man will try to stay away from his home and wife for long hours and at the same time make excuses for doing so.

Guilt in behavior

If a man engages himself in an extra marital affair, there is bound to be some measure of guilt in his regular behavior towards his wife. The Ashley Madison Reviews point out that men at the bottom of their hearts know what they are doing and might feel guilty when they have to face their regular partners. 

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