Use F3-G scanner detection Component Control Test executive components and their

Posted by fcar on August 25th, 2014

Take F3-G auto diagnostic tool as an example:
【Component Control Test】 used for testing whether electronic control executive components and their circuit action are normal. As shown in Figure 4.3.4.

Note: When the test of all the executive components is completed, the screen of automotive diagnostic scanner will prompt "action test over,
please exit". In the static state (that do not start the engine) sending commands to vehicle  computer through decoder, driving  actuators to work to detect the goodness or badness of actuator. The test content of the executive components as the electronic control systems are different, the test items supported are different. Mainly some solenoids, relays and other components. For example: take the Passat B5 car as an example:
1: The test components supported by engine control system are: four fuel injectors, ACF electromagnetic valve etc.. In test, first start with cylinder 1 nozzle, conduct action test one by one until finished testing all the components. At this time using Stethoscope to listening the action situation of components to determine whether the components work properly;

2: The test components supported by anti-lock braking system are hydraulic pump and oil line solenoid valve; in test, in accordance with the prompts of car diagnostic scanner, hydraulic brake and each oil line solenoid valve take action according to order, checking the action situation to determine whether the system work properly.

3:The test components supported by test instrument system are a variety of indicator and gauge needles, etc.; in test, all kinds of indicator lights, if a certain light bulb does not shine, then should check whether the bulb and its circuit are normal; all kinds of gauge needles at the same time turning from zero scale to full scale, check whether the gauge needles are normal.
Other electronic control systems of different models have different test components items according to their own characteristics.

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