Benefits of Eating Deglet Nor Dates to the Body

Posted by sophiafranklin on August 25th, 2014

There are several benefits of eating dates and most of these benefits are to the body. Regular consumption of dates gives relief from intestinal disorders, constipation, sexual dysfunction, heart problems, etc. If you are very thin, you can gain weight when you eat dates in larger quantities. Dates are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fibre. In addition to these vital nutrients, dates contain oil, copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and other dietary minerals. Dietary specialists recommend that a person should have at least one date per day to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Among the date category, you will find that deglet nor is considered to be one of the best varieties of dates. These dates are not found everywhere. Hence, you will have search really hard for the best suppliers. There are some suppliers from the middle-east who would be in the best position to provide you the best dates.

In addition to whole dates, date paste is also in great demand these days. The paste of dates is generally done after the removal of the seeds. The date paste is generally used for personal and commercial use. In the personal front, the date paste is added to milk and drank just before going to sleep. The dates pastes are beneficial to both—adults as well as children. For the health conscious people, there are dates pastes available on online stores as well. To buy date paste, you will have to simply log on to the internet and search for a good supplier who will give you the best quality dates paste.

During the holy season of Ramzan, Muslims break their fast by eating dates and water. There is a good benefit when Muslims break their fast with dates. Since date is a wholesome food, people generally don’t tend to overeat. Hence, after the fast it gives good relief to the stomach as well. Since dates are sweet and versatile foods, they can regulate the digestive process in the body. They can also boost energy levels in people who have become very weak due to ailments or diseases.

In the medical world, dates have a very high position and they are generally considered to be a laxative food. To get the desired results, dates need to be soaked in water overnight. In the morning, the dates need to be eaten on an empty stomach. Maintaining this regime for a month will provide visible effects on the body. Since dates have a high amount of soluble fibre, they are very essential in promoting healthy bowel movements.

Getting the right kinds of dates is also very important. Since there are different types of dates and different varieties, you will have to select the dates that will give you maximum health benefit. Some dates experts would say that the deglet noor  dates are the best whereas connoisseurs of dates would tell you that regular dates are also good. There are some very good online stores that are providing dates of almost all varieties and types. You will surely find them very good because they offer convenient shopping methods.

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