Efficient and Safe Transport Systems integrated with ITS and AIS Technologies

Posted by ansetechnologies on August 25th, 2014

Safety on road is imperative. Unless technology is advanced, transport safety cannot be guaranteed with amplifying traffic complexities observed in modern scenario. Use of communication and information technology for road, rail, air and water transport is essential to deter the escalating number of accidents and intricacies in navigation systems. At this juncture, the application of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technology proves to be of great help. Anse Technologies Co., Ltd., recognised as the pioneer of ITS engineering opens up a whole new world of information communication and convenient ubiquitous world in this ITS era. Undeniably, the company sets excellent example for Information and Telecommunications and Infrastructure-related projects in the realm of intelligent transport systems in Korea.

Understanding Intelligent Transport System

ITS cover integrated technology that is applied to infrastructure and transport systems so as to transfer information between systems for enhanced productivity, environmental and safe performance. This refers to stand-alone applications like warning and information systems, traffic management systems that are installed in individual vehicles, and also in cooperative ITS applications, such as vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications.

The Different Applications of ITS

ITS, a quintessential technology is applied for smooth traffic flows by coordinating different ramp signals, variable message signs and variable speed limits. The technology allows monitoring movements of every individual vehicle, as well as record location, mass of vehicle and respective speed. Transport companies are already wielding this technology as a regulatory tool for road user compliance, charging and enforcement.

Besides, the current GPS system, which is available on every phone and electronic device, is integrated with the application of ITS technology by crafting a real time model of general traffic flows by garnering data as provided by individual vehicles. ITS technology ensures better rail management since controllers are being able to operate more effective and efficient schedules based on better information retrieved on speed, length and location of trains using the networks.

What are the benefits of ITS?

ITS technologies help to minimize accidents and ensure smooth traffic flows. Owing to the technology’s ability to alert emergency services and avert accidents, it is indeed an excellent service saviour at times like this. Multiple collisions tend to occur in congested areas where traffic is thick and all start to move at the same time. With aid of ITS technology, this can be deterred. Congestion delays flow in supply chains and escalate costs of businesses, but with use of ITS technology smooth flow of traffic is assured increasing capacity of current infrastructure. Also, thanks to AIS technology that prevents accidents for water transports! This is yet another technology that ensures efficient, sustainable and safe transport systems. Experts of Anse Technologies Co., Ltd., believes that global engineering including ITS, automatic identification system in Korea and worldwide; and other advanced innovation is indispensable in an era of green growth technology.

Since transport technologies help to reduce congestion, it adds to the benefit of reducing fuel consumption and also greenhouse gas emissions by improving driving conditions of conveyances. After all, international and domestic transport systems are most crucial to the prosperity and development of a country in context of infrastructure and production. With safe transport systems and infrastructure it is believed that a more developed and prosperous country can be built. Contact them: http://www.ansetech.co.kr/eng/main/main.asp

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