How to make your own blog quickly and free of cost

Posted by GiulyRotarry on August 25th, 2014

Blogging platforms can give you a head start. How? Well, you don’t have to spend anything and you can save it for a later stage when you’ll be planning to set up a business by blogging. Next, you get a ready platform wherein you can post your blogs and select the kind of template you want. Formatting and styling tools are also available. Though there are a few hitches on the way, but to crear un blog gratis using free blog hosts can be a simple and important way to learning the tricks of blogging if you are new in this. So, are you ready to make your own blog for free? Well, then what’s the wait for? Let’s get to the point straightway without wasting any more time.

Steps to make your own blog

Time is valuable. There’s no time left to waste with competition touching the roof. If you aim to reach out to a large number of readers in the shortest possible time then there’s no better way to do that than by blogging it out. The best way is to keep your content ready so that as soon as you create your account, you can start posting. An empty blog page is like an empty showroom that has all the decorations but the product that is to be sold is not there, and to add to that, the customers come in and return empty handed. Nothing could be worse than this. So, keep your content ready and start posting as soon as you crear un blog gratis using a free blog hosting site.

After your first post goes live start your detailed customizations such as selecting a better theme and adding widgets. To make your blog, it is very important that you leave your personal touches here and there so that it can be differentiated from the rest of the blogs. Images and videos along with the blog content can do wonders in communicating the idea clearly to the readers. Also, they can easily relate the content to the image and this increases the recollection power of your blog. This is an important aspect of branding and blogging is no different from creating your very own, personalized brand.

You can also link your blog page with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. After you crear un blog gratis you can start connecting to your social media accounts and sharing your blog posts. This will increase the reach and visibility of your blog and take up its rating. 

Once you make your own blog, you can customize it for compatibility with desktop and mobile interface by changing the settings. Your blogsite must be responsive, one that looks the same in all types of platforms. You can also customize your home page look from the several templates available. The sidebar tools will give you ample options to design the layout and other features as per your requirement. So, if you want to crear un blog gratis on a free blog hosting site just follow the steps mentioned above and get your own blog in no time at all.

Free blog hosting sites give an excellent option to crear un blog gratis, customize and make your own blog as you want it to be.

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