5 important features of free blog sites

Posted by GiulyRotarry on August 25th, 2014

Blogs, blogs and blogs – this is all they talk about nowadays and if you’re not a blogger, you’re not there at all. When the concept of blogging was introduced it was hard to imagine that people would actually shift their focus from social media accounts and spend their time in writing blogs to voice their opinions and express their thoughts like never before. This gave birth to free blog sites, which encouraged writers to create their own blogging page for free without having to pay a dime. Then they learnt how to make money by blogging and started using paid blog sites to have more control over their domain. But that’s a story for another day. Here, we will focus on the features of blog sites which are used to make a blog for free.


Talking about the features of free blog sites, the big advantage of them all is customization. A blog publishing platform where writers could create an account and make a blog of their own by following a few easy steps is where they would venture most. You need to customize your blog site. At times the wide array of customization options can be a bit confusing for the first time users but they can be learnt quite easily. Mature and hardcore bloggers look for customization options first.

Responsive designs

This has also become an important deciding factor for a blog site to be popular. If it offers options to make it easy to use and read on Desktop, Tablets and other mobile devices then it will definitely find a large number of takers.

Easy to use

A blogging platform that is extremely easy to use should be used to create the blog site. Those who are very new to this domain can try out their blogging skills with this blogging platform before venturing out to the other options. It’s a great option to be used by children who love to write and wish to explore blogging.

Sharing and Connecting

What makes a blog a part of a greater world? It is that you can post and share your blogs through your other social media accounts as well. Free blog sites that have made a truce pact between blogging and social media have risen in heights of popularity. Another unique feature of some of the blogging platforms is that you can reblog content written by someone else in your blog and this is what attracts a greater number of teenage bloggers as well. It is more of a social network but a great way to stay connected. If you are all for social interaction then go for it for make a blog for free.


The users need a space where they can express their thoughts in the simplest manner possible. Apart from basic features, customization and themes, the reach of the blog host is an important feature that the users consider. The more you can reach out to the readers around the world the better will be your blog’s visibility.

These were the five most important features of free blog sites. They have taken the blogosphere by storm owing to their focus on both general and niche users. You need to explore the options and then decide how you want to make a blog and start off your career as a blogger.

The free blog sites have a number of beneficial features which you can use to make a blog.

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