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Posted by GiulyRotarry on August 25th, 2014

Blogging is an activity that anyone can undertake, even you. It's all about writing about your favorite topics. If selling online is a passion that you have, then you can write excellent blogs about it. All you need is a platform where your blog will be published. And because there are enough free blogging platforms available, you can easily set up your blog account and start writing about selling online or any other hobby that you have. It doesn't end here - you can also make money blogging if you are serious about it.

It is extremely easy to make a blog. You virtually need to do nothing. There are enough free blog sites where you can create your free account and get started. However, if you intend to make money blogging, there are certain points you need to keep in perspective.

•             Make sure you make a blog with a site that has good readership. An anonymous blog site cannot attract enough traffic for your blog to become popular.

•             Make sure you spend time on creating your profile. Make sure you have your photograph displayed on your blog page and don’t forget to fill up all the required information. If you have a website, its URL should be displayed on your blog page.

•             Make sure you write at least one new blog every week. The more you write the more people will come to read. And you should only write on topics that you are passionate about. Otherwise, you will not be able to create the content that excites blog readers. The quality of your blog also matters. If you think you need to hire a professional writer, go ahead and do that.

•             Once you make a blog, you should manage it properly. Make sure you reply to comments and you interact with your readers. This is how they will start following you. You should be able to create a platform through which you are able to engage your readers. This will create immense goodwill for your business and people would not mind buying from you.

•             It is also a good idea to join online forums on topics that are related to your blog topics. You can write in these forums and invite people to visit your blog. Again, the invitation has to be inconspicuous and not a fervent plea.

•             If your intention is to make money blogging, don’t make it conspicuous. Blog readers hate sales pitches. Write interesting blogs and help your readers and this is how you can build your followers.

There may come a time when you have enough followers. When you are at this stage, you may want to migrate to paid blog services. This is when you get your own domain name and get many other additional services that are not available for free.

This is all you need to know about as you try to find out how to make a blog. Once you become an avid blogger, you can start to make money blogging.

When you find out how to make a blog and make money blogging, you are sure going to jump at the opportunity.

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