War On Horror - Is It Really?

Posted by Duong on January 17th, 2021

And from the opposite of the mirror, God spake unto Obama, stating, Go speak to your wife Michelle and inform her to speak to the children of the United States.

The war on terror has actually stopped working. The war on poverty has actually stopped working. The war on drugs has actually stopped working. The perpetual "war on this" and "war on that" is nothing but a complete waste of everyone's time, energy, and cash. Lack of knowledge to the laws of deep space lengthen the peace that mankind so frantically needs now. The incessant war machine that currently afflicts our planet highlights the failure of the peace movement that started with the Inter-Parliamentary Union in 1989. Retaliation and vengeance for one terrorist attack after another just feeds into the exact same negative energy. Battling horror with more horror does not and will not bring lasting peace.

Making laws to restrict carbon emissions is borderline crazy. That resembles shooting yourself in the leg. Have we not suffered enough from a slow economy? Energy powers industrialism and the ability to make more and better things. Possibly you wish to retreat to the days of covered wagons and outhouses, however I like innovation and anticipate the next device. Commercialism will ultimately discover new and clean energy, but it can't be forced.

Dealing with global warming today, I hesitate we are standing upon such a flimsy foundation. The appeals made by United Nations and the genuinely admirable work of Al Gore and others need to develop stronger ground for unity.

It wouldn't have received much attention from the rest of the world if the above had actually occurred in any other nation. But it didn't happen in simply any other country. It happened in the country of Israel. The whole world is in an outcry due to the fact that of this.

I see they are attempting to make the people of the world afraid so we will accept a one world government as an option against threat out of this world. Trying to play in the hands of the globalist as a recreation of the 1950s film"The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "War of the Worlds". When the War of the Worlds was played on radio by Orson Wells. There was worry and panic in the streets of America moneyed by the Rockefeller Foundation and the United States Government as a beta test to see how individuals would react. The only feeling they can use is fear to get people to send to a World federal government and surrender the liberties we love. Due to the fact that they are losing, I see this as a last ditch effort for the globalist for holding onto to power.

Strolled through the financial district, which looks like a war zone, barricades and armed police patrolling the location. Our goal was Federal Hall at the corners of Nassau, Broad and Wall streets. Federal Hall was the very first capital of the United States. Here Washington was sworn in as president and the Congress satisfied. The structure has long been taken down. In its place is a Neo-Classical designed building, Parthenon-like exterior and Pantheon-like interior. Utilized as a custom-mades home and after that as a depository for US gold reserves throughout the Civil War, it is now a museum remembering our first capital. Among their treasured ownerships is the Bible which Washington used for his inauguration (the one that President Bartlett wanted to utilize on "The West Wing").

Why do I mention this? Well due to the fact that if you are going to compose a book and offer it as a more info book, then make sure it is a real book. I genuinely hope you will consider this in 2006.

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