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Posted by adairsawyer on August 25th, 2014

Blogging is one of the favorite pastimes as well as a good money earner. People who have started blogging as a hobby have turned it into a profession. From individuals to multinational companies, blogging is a major marketing tool. Como crear un blog is a question that bothers most beginners. The internet has various options and choosing from them can be very tough. Once you are over that, how to write a blog is pretty simple.

Selecting the category for the articles you will write about will be an important initial step to know how to write a blog. It will give you a precise idea of what you want to communicate to your readers. It can be something from your area of expertise that you have gathered from your career, something that you enjoy doing or are passionate about such as tips on cooking, travelling or playing a musical instrument or it can be about your ordeal of a grim situation which you want to share to help others out. However, it is not necessary to stick to one category. Versatility can be the key to success when you think of como crear un blog.

When you have planned to como crear un blog, you will come across a choice of platforms. It is the website where you will do the blogging. There are both free and paid ones. Paid ones charge a fee for the domain and host site. Free websites only require a name, username and email for you to start blogging. Paid websites provide unlimited access in terms of blog designing and accessorizing. However, free websites also provide a wide range of templates and plugins to choose from. The quality of your articles will be the main attraction whether it is hosted on a paid site or a free one. Good writing skills will help you to know how to write a blog that attracts readers easily.

To have a good readership you need to connect with your audience. For that you require a very easy-going and informal style of writing and tone. When people surf the internet they don’t want to be bombarded with superfluous terms. You need to keep it simple for your readers to clearly understand. Simplicity is one of the key rules to remember when you learn how to write a blog. To como crear un blog, you can also go for sharing your articles on other social networks. Many free websites have this provision. You should keep your title unique and short for your readers to share it with others.

While you are writing about your personal experiences, try not to take names of people. If it is compulsory then you should take their permission or use codenames. Try not to drag yourself into uncomfortable situations by publishing facts that aren’t completely true or are embarrassing to some people. Discretion and sensibility is another aspect that you should consider when you learn how to write a blog. Blogging can be fun and you can gather good knowledge of the internet through it. However beware of spams and malware when you plan to como crear un blog.

You do not require vast knowledge of the internet to know how to write a blog. Como crear un blog from the tutorials available on the internet.

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