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Posted by wecanmedia on August 25th, 2014

If you’re looking to boost your websites rankings in the search engines then good organic search engine optimisation (SEO) is what you need. A very well rounded SEO strategy encompasses keyword research, content generation, back linking and much more but one sure way to get noticed by search engines such as Google is with blogging. Here Craig the SEO guru from Wecan Media, an SEO agency tells us the benefits to regular blogging.

You gain control

When you create your own blog and develop your own content it puts you firmly in the driver’s seat. You get to control the message, the keywords and even the links. Blogs help you control your online presence as opposed to simply following in the footsteps of someone else’s.


Search engines, when looking at content want content that’s helpful to users. On a website you can only have so much content yet with your blog you have the opportunity to really write about things you feel are most important and helpful for your audience. Many people will search for how-to posts or informative lists which are types of content that might not necessarily be on your website. When someone searches for ‘how blogging may help with their SEO’ they may not necessarily be sent straight to the Wecan Media website but they may still find this post. Blogging allows your content to fit more search queries which helps increase the amount of potential visitors.


Craig explains that one of the many factors search engines take into consideration is the amount of links your website has. If it has zero your site will be deemed useless but if it has thousands then Google would see the website and content as useful. One thing to remember however that link quality is really matters. So although you may have thousands of links, they must be thousands of quality links from related and high quality websites. If this isn’t the case then it can damage you. This is where blog content comes in handy. Each blog post gives readers yet another link that they can share and it allows you to generate your own backlinks by sharing each post on your own social media pages. Additionally it gives you the opportunity to see which posts get shared more than others which gives you a way of seeing the direction to head in with future posts.

Updated content

Google gives precedence to sites that continually update the content on their websites so a blog is the ideal way to keep your website fresh and updated. It’s also great at keeping customers coming back to your website for fresh information.

If you haven’t gathered by now content is King when it comes to SEO and Craig from Wecan Media, an SEO agency UK based couldn’t agree more. If you’d like more information and help with your SEO strategy then contact Wecan Media, SEO agency today.

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